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Coach Miwa is the creator of Bikini Bootcamp Jax, an all women’s training class named as one of the area’s “Hottest Fitness Trends” by Jacksonville Magazine. She specializes in women’s weight loss and toning to get you the body you want. Want to train with Coach Miwa? We can hook you up.

Even the best laid plans take a detour at times. When you’re on a mission to create a healthier lifestyle, these bumps in the road can take you off track completely, but they don’t have to! Here are 10 tips for getting back on track, right now:

1) “When you stumble, make it part of the dance!”

Health and fitness is often as much of a mental game as anything. When you have a setback, realize it’s a natural part of the process. This is a lifestyle, not a fad diet. Expect to have bad days, let it go, and move on! Changing the way you view the process, getting rid of the “all or nothing” mentality, and allowing yourself to let go of perfection will be key in staying the course.

2) Record what you eat- TODAY.

This is my first go-to for getting clients back to eating for their goals. Recording your food is a proven method for making you more aware of what, and how much, you’re eating. Even if this isn’t something you’ll ever show anyone, it creates accountability to yourself. Myfitnesspal, a note in your smartphone, or just a notepad and paper are all effective ways to record. START NOW!

3) Break a sweat.

Sometimes the hardest part about getting back on track with your workouts is the anticipation of them. Try not to over think it. There’s no such thing as a bad workout so do ANYTHING to get your heartrate up and break a sweat; and don’t worry if it’s not the most epic workout of your life! If you feel like you just can’t get started, put your shoes on, go outside and walk for 10 minutes, and turn around and go back. DONE!

4) Set a goal.

Come up with one thing you can achieve this week. It can be as simple as getting groceries in the house and preparing some meals. Or, looking up a new Fito workout and getting it done. I recommend setting these weekly mini goals in addition to your long term goals because health and fitness is achieved incrementally. It’s all about making a better choice at your next meal and getting to your workout on a day you’d rather sleep in. These little shifts are what add up over time to produce real, sustainable results.

5) Create Accountability.

Post about it. Let your Fito community know your intentions and get support! Make an appointment to meet a friend at the gym or for a run. Or, just let your family know that you’re trying to eat towards your goals. Let people know you welcome their encouragement as well. You may be surprised how many people want to cheer you on!

6) Work out on Monday.

It’s like making your bed to set the tone for your day. Working out on Monday is one way to set the tone for the week. If it’s always a day where you’re super stressed and especially need to blow off steam, crank up the intensity and make it FUN like adding the boxing bag or going to Zumba. Finding ways to look forward to this Monday routine will help maintain the habit.

7) While you’re at it, ALWAYS eat clean at breakfast.

I am ALL for eating off the plan when you chose to and finding a balance with clean eating. However, if you start eating junk at breakfast, it’s a slippery slope. Look up recipes for items you can make ahead and truly enjoy! Baked eggs, crustless quiche, or a high quality protein smoothie are all easy to prep in advance. Eating clean doesn’t have to be miserable and finding something you love can give you a little pep in your step to start the day.

8) Celebrate your successes.

Rewarding yourself for a job well done is a simple way to give yourself a pat on the back and also sweeten the pot for making it to those little milestones. Creating a “tip jar” for you workouts and adding a coin or bill for every one you complete is a fun one. Snagging up some new gym gear for a month of clean eating or downloading a new playlist for your workout can be great ways to treat yourself as well.

9) Get inspired.

Find ways to get the motivation you need. Getting a new magazine subscription, checking out some fitness blogs, creating a pinterest board for fitness motivation, checking out your friends progress on Fito, or placing post-it quotes around your house, can all help keep your goals front and center. When you start seeing this as something you “get” to do rather than something you “have” to do, you can actually get excited about health and fitness!

10) Put yourself first today.

There’s a difference between putting yourself first and being selfish. Putting yourself first acknowledges the fact that you can’t really take great care of others without taking great care of yourself. Creating a lifestyle that gives you more energy, a higher quality of life, boosts your mood and self-esteem, encourages you to eat healthy, and be physically able to fully participate in your life, is THE best thing you can do for the people who love you. SO, make time for it. Make time for you! Ask for what you need, and go out there and be awesome!

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