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Suzanne Digre is Denver-based personal trainer and owner of Workout Nirvana Fitness. Her online coaching programs have helped countless women get to the next level of fitness, from losing body fat to doing their first unassisted pull up. Suzanne also trains clients in the Denver area and has been lifting weights herself for over 15 years. She’s written over 200 articles at about strength training, nutrition, and owning your power in the weight room and beyond. You can follow Suzanne on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

“This time is different,” you say.

You’re pumped and your motivation is high. This time you’ll lose the weight. This time you’ll build muscle you can be proud of.


Suzanne is PUMPED.

If this is all you’ve got, you’ll fail. Why?

Because mindset.

A powerful mindset is a long-term pattern of thinking that leads to success, not just initial excitement that inevitably wears off. A powerful mindset is required to get to your goals. And mindset is often completely ignored in fitness/nutrition programs.

When you feel powerfully successful every day, you’ll get powerful results. High hopes and feeling excited are fleeting emotions. Instead, get your head around these three mindset shifts that I use with my clients.

Your Subconscious is Listening

It seems elemental, basic almost, but your attitude can either kill your success or cause it.

Being negative about how difficult something is prepares you and everyone around you for your imminent failure. If you’ve talked about how unpleasant your new diet is, it won’t be such a disappointment when you give up.

The fact is that negativity has no place in your life. It cuts down your chance of changing and growing.

Have you ever felt a physical sensation when someone said something negative? Negative comments and attitudes bring you and everyone around you down both mentally and physically.

Where negativity lives is where success dies. But changing negativity is easier than you think.


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I don’t worry about comments from my clients about tough workouts – that tells me they’re being challenged. But I do worry about systemic negativity and I call it out right away. Think you’re on the negative side? Get on that now:

  • If you hang out with negative people, think about limiting your time with them or calling them out on it.
  • Replace that negative thought or comment with a positive one. It really does work!
  • Only work with coaches and trainers who promote a positive environment.

Striking Down Self-Sabotage

I’m no psychotherapist, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all got a critical little voice inside our heads. You know, that voice that starts harping every time you feel afraid, uncertain, or vulnerable. The voice that says things like,

“You can’t do this! Why are you even trying?”

“Give up now. It’ll save you a lot of time and grief.”

“You’ll never have the body you want.”

That voice is a serious bitch.

I’ve had coaching myself from the talented Jac McNeil, and I now help my clients using her very wise guidance. The key in dealing with this inner voice (or “inner critic”) is to observe it with loving detachment. Hating on that voice or trying to push it down only gives it more power. Instead, just observe it from a nonjudgmental distance and carry on.

Staying neutral about your critical inner voice gives you space to go forward. You don’t have to listen to it, you know.

Uncompromising Consistency

To get the bangin’ physique of your dreams you need a steely and uncompromising belief that consistency is king, not a nicety that only ladies who lunch have.

True workout and diet consistency requires a mental toughness. It’s about decisions and what you do day in and day out. Things like:

  • Standing firm about where you’ll eat out. You simply won’t put the shit in your body anymore.
  • Being unapologetic about your food choices. Hell, you can even educate others about it.
  • Committing to workouts even if it’s raining, the kids are crying, your boss is mad, and you feel like you’re getting a cold.

I really can’t overstate the importance of consistency. But many people try to get around the week-in-week-out work as if it’s negotiable.

Lack of consistent clean eating and training won’t just delay getting to your goals. Lack of consistency will derail your goals. It’s that simple.

Mindset is the critical, forgotten way you’ll get your bangin’ hot body for the long term. Stick with your plan. Don’t make excuses. Stay positive. Own it.

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