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I know, the drive-through seems the only option sometimes when the stomach is growling and you’re in a pinch for time – I’ve been there.

So while preparation is the number 1 defence against being in that situation in the first place, very few people think to hit up a grocery store instead of a drive through – even though it doesn’t take much longer.

Here’s a grab-and-go action plan for foods that are healthy, portable, and not too messy.
Produce: Small bag of baby carrots/apple/banana or a ready to eat salad.

Canned Goods: Tuna manufacturers have come out with small, easy-to-open flavoured tuna. High bioavailable protein and low calorie.

Snack Isle: Beef jerky! A small bag gives you a satiating protein punch. If you’re lucky enough to come across salmon jerky – all the better. You might consider grabbing some dental floss too.

Snack Isle II: Nuts. Mixed nuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, it’s all good! High in good fats, protein, and some fiber as well as a great micronutrient profile.

Dairy: Snack sized greek yogurt and cottage cheese are now more prevalent in grocery stores.

On the way out, most grocery store deli’s have plastic utensils on hand – grab a couple of forks and knives for the glove compartment.

There you have it! An excuse-proof plan for side-stepping fast food drive throughs.

Photo courtesy of I-5 Design and used under a Creative Commons License.

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