Posted by on Aug 1, 2013

Arnold's 1% Challenge

This month’s Arnold challenge was created by Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, a family physician who also knows a whole lot about exercise and nutrition.

We asked Dr. Nadolsky for a 15-minute workout that he would recommend to his patients, and he gave us a great routine that can be performed by anyone who has access to a set of dumbbells.

Dr. Nadolsky explained why this routine was so effective:

“As a physician, I have to give my patients the most bang for their buck in terms of exercise. This is one of the routines that I commonly prescribe for my patients because it is a full-body resistance circuit. It will not only help build muscle and decrease fat, it will also help build strong bones, and cardio-metabolic health (blood sugar/blood pressure/heart function). It’s a perfect combo for my patients.”

The Workout

1. Perform the following exercises for ten reps each: Dumbbell Bench Press, One-Arm Dumbbell Rows, Dumbbell Squats, Dumbbell Deadlifts, and Dumbbell Lunges. Take little-to-no rest between each exercise.

2. At the end of the circuit, rest 30 seconds to one minute.

3. Repeat the circuit as many times as it takes to reach 15 minutes total of exercise time.

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