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Set up a group, market to a global audience through social media & email, and build your brand on one of the largest fitness social networks on the planet.

Joining Fitocracy Team Fitness is an opportunity for you to increase your revenue by several thousands of dollars a month while also growing your brand and reach.


  • Reach Fitocracy’s 1.6M global user base
  • Scale your personal fitness brand
  • Coach a large number clients at the same time
  • Take advantage of downtime by following up with your online clients

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What makes the Fitocracy Platform unique? 


How much does it cost for a member to join a group?

  • You set the pricing for your own program. Factors to consider are how long the program will run, how large the program will be, and how much time you will have to spend. Our programs range from $50 to $150 per month.


What does Fitocracy pay me?


How much time will I need to spend?

  • Coaches typically spend a few hours creating a program during Week 0. Time spent also depends on how many people are a part of the group. After the first week of the program, most coaches spend roughly 2 hours a week, spread out during the week.


How should I fill my classes?

  • As a fitness professional, you are marketing yourself constantly to find clients in real life. You should employ the same marketing tactics, leveraging social media and your online presence, including the Fitocracy platform, to fill your Team Fitness classes.  More info on how to position and market your class can be found in the Coach’s Handbook.


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