Helping other people reach their health and fitness goals is a noble pursuit, but isn’t always easy. So we’ve built a number of tools to make your job easier and to save you time. Read on for a walkthrough of the coach tools that are available to you through Fitocracy Team Fitness.

Your Groups

When you create a team, a private Fitocracy group is created for you as the central communication point for you and your clients. A shortcut to this group can be accessed by hovering over the connect tab.

Screen_Shot_2014-07-18_at_5_43_13_PM 2


You can also reach a listing of all of your teams by clicking on your coach tab:

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.33.52 PM


Team Feed

You can view your team’s feed by accessing the group (as described above) and we’ve added it as a tab on your home page for quick reference.


Sticky Posts

You will often want to stick a post to the top of the feed to make sure that it doesn’t get missed by your clients. For example, you may want to notify your clients that you’ve pushed a new workout routine to their accounts or that they need to send you measurements as part of the program. Sticking a post to the top of the feed is simple. First, create a status post. Second, click the gear icon at the bottom-right corner of the new post. Third, click on the “Make Sticky” option.


You can unsticky a post in the same manner.


Every time you sticky a different post, it replaces the sticky at the top of the feed. You can sticky your own posts or any user post in the feed. You can view every sticky you’ve ever stuck by clicking on your Stickied Posts tab.




Building a Routine

So you have your fitness programming all setup and you’re ready to distribute routines. The first step would be to make a routine and save it to your own routine bank. Go to the track page, click the “Routines” cell, and select “Build a routine”.


Just like normal tracking, the routine builder provides an interface where you can drag and drop your exercises into a workout list. You can name the routine by clicking on the blue name link.



Once you’re done editing exercises, groups, sets, and reps, save your routine and it will show up in your routine bank.

Building a routine but can’t find the exercise that you need? Email us at and we’ll help you find a suitable replacement or add the exercise to our database.

Advanced Routine Building

Trainers now have the ability to add custom imaging, video, and instructional text to each exercise in a routine. To start, hover over the advanced exercises options and click “Add Instructions”.


Upload an image (optional), link to a youtube video (optional), and provide instructions for this exercise.


Note that videos must be youtube URLs. 

Once you save your routine with these custom images, videos, and text, the end user will see the instructions when viewing the exercise details on the web and on the iOS app (Android is not yet supported).



Assigning/Sharing a Routine

Now that you have your routines built, it’s time to share them with your team. First, go to the appropriate team and select “Assign Workouts”.


Second, select “Edit Users” and choose the users you’d like to share the workouts with. Click “Update” to share or unshare with those users.


These routines will appear in your users’ routine banks on the web and in their premade workouts on iOS and Android.

Fitocracy___Track_Workouts_And_Level_Up 3

Removing routines from a user’s routine bank is effectively the same process except that you uncheck the user’s checkbox and then “Update”.

Private Messaging

Sometimes a user has a question too private to post in the group feed. In these cases, users and coaches can communicate via private messaging:


We’ve made it even easier for you to mass message to each client via the “Broadcast Message” tool. Broadcasting a message sends an individual message to each user notifying them via email or through the Fitocracy mobile apps. This does not create a group chat.


Exporting Team Data

Some coaches need to export a csv of their group for accounting purposes. You can do so using the “Team Export” tool provided. This will export your team’s usernames, age, weight, etc. Note that the weight parameter in this export may be different from the weight variable you received in the surveys. The former is the value we stored when the user signed up for Fitocracy (can be updated by the user) while the latter is the user’s input when taking the intro survey.


When a user signs up for your team, they automatically receive a survey via email which will give you insight into their current situation. You can preview this survey by going to the “Surveys” tool. It is in this area that you can also export a csv of the results of the surveys.