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Ever wonder what it’d be like to hold a title belt over your head or walk the red carpet of a blockbuster hit? That time has come for you. Experience first hand how the Sons of Strength, Eric and Ryan Johnson, prepare their clientele of A-List celebrities and champion fighters for feature films, photoshoots, and title matches. It begins with the start of your very own fight camp as you transform into the greatest version of yourself. Question is, are you ready to enter the ring?

Enter the Sons of Strength

We are Eric and Ryan Johnson, the Sons of Strength. Yes, we’re brothers and New York City based personal trainers (personally, we prefer the term strength coaches – so let’s stick with that).

Pretty much, we do everything together. From giving a lift off as workout partners to sparring each other in Muay Thai (talk about the little bro getting revenge on all those years of our youth) to having the best cheat meal extravaganzas, we’re there as both competitors and sidekicks to each other.

And we love every second of it.

Despite our similarities, we both experienced separate routes to bring us to this same road. Driven by different motivations, we’ve had to overcome individual struggles and learn our own way.

So we were not born as Sons of Strength. It’s a title we had to earn.

Now, it’s your turn.

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The Champ is Here

Muhammad Ali stated, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Now we are all for the People’s Champ, but we have another idea.

What if you could LOVE every second of your transformation and still live the rest of your life as a champion? With Sons of Strength, that possibility can become a reality.

We want you to enjoy what you’re doing. Whether it’s that last grueling round or a healthy meal, Sons of Strength have a smile on our face. Now that doesn’t mean, it’s going to be easy. Like Rocky Balboa told ya, “This world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows…”. Hard work is a prerequisite.

Throughout your fight camp, you will experience the same battled-tested techniques we have applied to individuals from all walks of life with the goal of becoming their own greatest. From feature films to wedding bells, we’ve prepared Billboard artists to step on the stage, champions to enter the ring, and actors to be featured on the big screen (most of the time, shirtless).

The Constructing the Champion program will take you through your own fight camp. As you fight to conquer your goals, we will be in your corner every round of the way. By taking a “Never Run” mindset, your conditioning is built right into your training program. This energy development work will compliment your strength development; leading to lean muscle.

Let’s just say, you’ll be so mean and lean, you’ll make medicine sick.

Are you ready to rumble in the jungle?

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What You Get

1. Follow the road map (a.k.a. training program) that has delivered martial artists their championship titles and prepared actors for aesthetic driven roles.

2. A nutritional strategy that acts as a lifestyle guide to eating for the results you want, including a seven day preparation guide to peak for any big event.

3. Access to constant support from not one but two coaches, Eric and Ryan, in the form of a private community and Google Hangouts.

4. Adjustments to the game plan to individualize it to your specific needs.

5. Specific challenges along the way to test your progress and bring you above your competition.

The program will last 4 months, or 16 weeks, at just $99/month.

See what other Sons of Strength have to say


AndreaPowell-testimonial 150px width“I turned to the Sons of Strength when I had a short time to prepare for a very important photo shoot, followed by public appearances during New York Fashion Week. Needless to say, as an ‘actress-of-a-certain-age,’ I needed a program that would not only get me camera-ready quickly and allow me to confidently step out in sample-size dresses, but also keep me injury-free and motivated. And of course, it needed to work with my crazy schedule. The Sons of Strength delivered and then some! Not only was I honed and ready when the cameras rolled and clicked, but my overall fitness and energy level have improved greatly. The workouts are easy to understand, don’t require any special equipment, and pack a lot of punch into just a little time. The results have also lasted long past when I needed them to, giving me confidence that I’ll always be ready for the next appearance. I recommend the Sons of Strength with all my pumping heart. I’m hooked for life.”

STEPHANE SMARTH, Muay Thai Champion

StephaneSmarth-testimonial“Working with Ryan and Eric Johnson of Sons of Strength has been the single biggest contribution to my success in the ring. I have been training and competing in Muay Thai for a little over 4 years now and since bringing on SOS in my corner as my official strength and dieting coach I have been able to take my talents to a whole new level. As an athlete who’s played many sports growing up I’ve always been in pretty good shape and moved pretty well, but not as well as I should have.

These guys have done everything from breaking down basic body movements to fixing my squats and everything in between; Rehabbing a dislocated shoulder, adding flexibility to my ankles, which had no flexibility due to breaks and wear and tear, getting me physically stronger, conditioned, working on breathing techniques to breathe properly (which helped me dramatically in my last victory), dieting tips, fight camp diets and cutting weight (dropping 20-25lbs for weigh ins and gaining 90-95% of it back by fight night). We’ve worked on a lot of corrective work, they’ve preached the importance and benefits of foam rolling and doing proper pre-workout warm ups, monitoring my heart rate, how to train smarter and not harder, which has actually got me through 4 fight camps with minimal injuries.

Since 2012 I can honestly say Ryan and Eric are the biggest reasons why I have been so successful in the ring. These guys know their stuff; they’re always learning and genuinely care about the people they train.

Thank you guys for being so passionate about what you do.”

L2, Recording Artists

L2-testimonial“As Recording Artists it is imperative that we are in great physical condition. Whether it’s preparing for a Music Video, Photo Shoot, or Concert, Eric and Ryan always have the right formula to get us looking and feeling our best! They cater specifically to our needs each session and even give us workout routines for when we are traveling. Through training with the Sons of Strength, we are more comfortable in our bodies, more confident, and have more stamina when performing. Eric and Ryan have great energy and always makes our workouts fun and entertaining. Before training with them, we used to view working out as a chore but now we thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to our sessions every week!”

Work with the Sons of Strength

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