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Hey there! I’m John Romaniello.

I’m excited. Like really excited. Excited like the time Arnold compared being pumped to having an orgasm. Okay, not that excited. But close.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been working with clients for about 12 years now; first in gyms in NYC, and then my one-on-one coaching program. And the more I help people get the bodies they want, the more I enjoy it.

Which is why I wanted to partner with Fitocracy–because of Fito, this is the very first time I have EVER been able to offer group coaching.

If you don’t already know me, I’m sure you’re wondering what brocred off the streetz affords ol’ Roman the honor to take charge of your personal diet and training program.

Well, I did write a NYT best-selling book, which happens to be about fitness and general awesomeness. That was fun. I’ve also had articles published in every major fitness and lifestyle publication in the world. You probably don’t want a list, but, it would make my mom proud, so: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, T-Nation, SHAPE, Yahoo! Health, Oxygen,, The Huffington Post, AND Fitocracy. To name a few.

On top of all that, I still train a number of high level clients in the gym. Not as many as I used to, of course–but because I bounce back and forth between NYC and LA, I get to train a lot of producers, actors, musicians and models in the gym. I also have a number of athletes I work with.

Aaaaaand for those who say the proof is in the pudding, here are some stats: I’ve deadlifted 660 pounds three times (if that sort of thing impresses you), stepped on a bodybuilding stage at 4% body fat, and even been in magazines as a model.

Is he really going to post his abs? Well no, that would be a little tacky and rude wouldn’t it? But go ahead, google em, seriously.

So, that’s who I am: a nerd and a coach and just a guy who likes helpin’ peeps. But, enough about me, this is about YOU.

Group Training? On the Interweb?

Group training is similar to my private online coaching–but has a number of cool advantages. The program is going to be a select few groups, each on with similar goals. You’ll have built in accountability, built in motivation, and built in tracking on your Fito profile.

Secondly, the awesome part is that running coaching in a group let’s us charge a fraction of the price.

While my gym clients pay about $300 per hour, and my private online coaching clients about $300 per month, the Fito team and I are dropping this well below that.

Like, TO THE GROUND. We’re doing our best to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get involved.

Group coaching provides all of the same benefits of regular coaching (with some extras added), and costs you less than 1/3 the price.

Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

What you get:

1. A comprehensive assessment of your current fitness capabilities

2. A nutrition plan designed personally for your body and goals

3. A training program designed specifically for fat loss, muscle gain or recomposition

4. Access to my brain on all things fitness, as well as the help and support of your teammates

5. Adjustments to your diet and training program as you shed pounds or pack on mass (whichever you prefer, of course)

The program will last four months, or 16 weeks.

And we are only charging $77 per month ($61/month with Facebook Offers). I feel a little dirty even offering you this deal.

Sign up for Group Coaching

Before you sign up…

I want to ONLY take on the clients that will reap the greatest benefit from our program. This means that obviously you have to be serious and willing to commit and blah blah blah *annoyingtrainerspeak*. That’s not what I’m talking about.

I mean that at this time, we can’t work with complete noobz. So, if you’re a brand spanking fresh outta the box never lifted a weight before today neophyte, this isn’t for you.

There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is that we don’t want to hold other people back.

Some minimum requirements you must meet:

1. You gotta have some barbell training under your belt. I need to know upfront that you know how to squat, deadlift, and bench press – you know, that fun stuff.

2. You gotta have some basic nutritional knowledge. Obviously, we’re doing the hard stuff–but you need to know the difference between carbs and fat, and it’s helpful if you’ve had some experience measuring food. Basic stuff.

3. You are willing to accept all responsibility that comes with becoming ultra secksayy. For real, this is a power we don’t want to abuse.

Group Coaching Registration

That’s really it. Again, for now, this isn’t for rank beginners. Let’s say high-level beginners are the minimum.
So, if you meet those requirements and think you and I are a good fit, awesome. Please fill out the application, and we’ll see if we can get you in.

You are going to make such amazing progress, and you’re going to have an unbelievable team with you every step of the way. Not just me and the guys at Fitocracy–but all of the other people in your group who are going to help you, the same what you’ll help them.

And at the end of this thing, you’ll be an incredible ambassador for the next group.

I’m excited to work with you.

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