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Disney dropped big Star Wars news on us last week.  Episode 8 finally confirmed all the rumors about its writer and director, plus it premieres 40 years and one day after A New Hope was released which is pretty freaking cool.

Nothing else in this world gives me a giant nerdgasm more than the mention of Star Wars.  I watch all three films, the originals not those “other” ones, twice a year if not more.

When the trailer for Episode 7 was released the day after Thanksgiving, two things happened: 1. I let out a gasp of air mixed with some sort of high tone squeal and 2. I may have cried/wet myself.  I have no problem admitting either of those.

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So far, details on Episode 7 seem to be locked up tighter than the Vatican Vaults.  What we do know is more than likely it looks like there is a new Sith threat in the galaxy.  One who happens to have a pretty damned cool lightsaber.

It is safe to say that most of the world is familiar with Star Wars, which means most of the world knows the difference between the Jedi and the Sith. The Jedi are the keepers of peace in the Star Wars universe and for thousands of years they harnessed the power of The Force for good in the galaxy. The Sith are their arch nemesis and purveyors of the “dark side” of The Force.  Their intentions are evil and they have only one desire: to rule the galaxy. Good vs evil, blah, blah, blah.

Here is the truth:

The Sith are by far better than the Jedi.  The Jedi suck.

Yea, I said it.

The Jedi SUCK

Luke is whinier than a 7 year old throwing a temper tantrum at Disney World, Obi-Wan is a bitter old man dried out from years hidden away in the desert like some drugged out Hunter S. Thompson and Yoda, arguably the most powerful being in the universe, tucked tail, ran, and hid in a tree stump.

From a certain point of view (thanks Obi-Wan for that word twisting), the Sith are painted as power hungry, maniacal mad men bent on galactic conquest and pursuit of ultimate power.

If Obi-Wan can curly fry twist his words to avoid the “truth,” I am going to unfurl those lies and explain to you why the Sith are superior and why you should train like a Sith in the gym.

It all comes down to the power within the words of the Sith Code:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Peace is complacency.  We do not strive to better ourselves by becoming complacent.  What the Jedi fear the most is facing the truth that deep down we are all animals.  Animals are constantly fighting to survive the perils of the universe. This conflict of survival is our passion, a passion that allows us to live and thrive.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Defeating your fears and proving that you CAN do something is the key to unlocking the strength that lives inside of you.  Sith never rest on their laurels, they know that to advance and become better they must continue to battle for survival and become stronger.

“Working to make everybody equal didn’t leave much chance for anyone to achieve greatness.”- Darth Bane

Through strength, I gain power.

Strength breeds strength.

The Sith believe victory must prove your superiority and nothing gives a sense of superiority like crushing a heavy barbell squat/deadlift.

Negative thoughts are like the Sarlac Pit, they will swallow you and slowly destroy you over time.

Physical strength guides you to the understanding that you have the power to control your thoughts and dictate how you respond to them.  Will you use the strength you have gained and show your thoughts that YOU have power over them and force choke them out?

The more strength a Sith gains the more it will give him the power and confidence to tackle any task whether it be a one rep max, taking that leap to chat up a cute girl at the cantina, or to have the confidence to go toe to toe with a Rancor.

Through power, I gain victory.

The power that you have discovered through becoming stronger and smarter will allow you to stand triumphant over the things that once held you down.  Instead of cowering and trembling when fear rears its ugly head, you now stand tall knowing that you are strong enough and powerful enough to beat it back.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

“I can’t do this,” “I will never lose weight,” “It’s impossible for me to get a sick pack,” “That girl would never go out with me,” “I can’t eat better, it’s impossible”

These are just some of the chains we place on ourselves throughout life.

A Sith Lord knows through his trails and application of the code he will become powerful enough that he can break any bonds placed on him.  Your true potential, and real power, can only be unlocked by breaking free of the chains that restrain and hold you back.

The Force shall free me.

When the outside world begins to pressure you to break your commitment, prove your superiority, and use your strength to overpower those temptations, freeing yourself from those chains, standing victorious.  To unlock the deepest and strongest of resolve inside of you and experience true power, live by this code when you train.

Live up to your potential and become Sith Strong.  Tweet the hashtag #sithstrong out to me on Twitter if you use the power of the Sith in the gym.

(For the sake of comparison, click here to read the Jedi Code… hippies.)

Oh btw David Prowse, the man in the Darth Vader’s suit, was a bodybuilder and weight lifter.  So yes, the great Darth himself knew the power of barbells!

The man in Darth Vader’s suit knows what’s up.

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