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People trying to change their bodies are notorious for this. And we’re going to stop it right now.

We think…

“If we can’t be “perfect” why bother?!

Soooo, we let one indulgence turn into a whole week of indulgences. One skipped gym session turns into a skipped week turns into a skipped month.

Let’s talk about the reason why we are notorious perfectionists. If we understand WHY we are perfectionists, it’ll be much easier to stop the behavior.

The obvious answer: because we don’t like to fail. So by creating unreasonable expectations it gives us an easy way out (aka a perfect rationalization) to stop taking action and quit the program before we can “fail.”

But here’s why most people looking to change their bodies REALLY do this: because change is uncomfortable. That’s also why most people never do actually change.

And by creating unreasonable expectations it gives us an easy way to remove that INEVITABLE discomfort we’re going to face. (This is why I’m such a BIG believer in accountability, support and having a system to monitor and track our progress. Because it makes the discomfort a lot more tolerable – or dare I say, comfortable.)


I have to admit it.

My name is Adam Gilbert, and I am a recovering perfectionist.

And being a perfectionist is not a good thing.

I still have tendencies but I’m getting better… I’m progressing.

Having the attitude of, “I ate really well all day but for dinner I just had something that’s not My Body Tutor approved so now I’ll eat unhealthy for the rest of the night” isn’t good.

If we play the all or nothing game, we always end up with nothing. Every single time. It’s why I don’t like making absolute statements such as, “I’ll never do xyz again!”

Instead, focus on doing xyz LESS.

There is no such thing as perfection…

There is only progress!

And that’s what life is about. Moving forward, growing, and evolving.

In fact, being a perfectionist is a childlike way of living.

We are not children. We are adults in control. We are more powerful than we think. (I know – I sound like a corny motivational speaker but it’s the truth!)

Being a perfectionist and having the “If I can’t be perfect, why bother” attitude suggests that the only position worth having in life is being the winner.

No one likes playing games with a sore loser.

So, if we can’t be the winner, we shouldn’t bother playing the game?

That is a childlike way of thinking. It means that any small improvements in our weight, shape, mobility, and breathing are unimportant.

It means that any changes in the way we think, react, and act around food don’t count.

It means that any changes in the way we think about exercise don’t matter.

No one created the company of their dreams overnight. And no one created the body of their dreams overnight.

Day by day. Meal by meal. Workout by workout. Improvement by improvement. Choice by choice. Daily Feedback by Daily Feedback.

Progress. NOT perfection.

I repeat…

Progress. NOT perfektchin!


Featured image: “Perfection” by ewitch. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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