If you know what macros are, you know that counting them is the key to getting that elusive body you’ve only dreamed of. (If you don’t know what they are, read here.)

There’s just one problem…

Setting your own macros is hard

If you’re looking for fat loss, how do you know what your macros should be? You could use a macro calculator, but everyone is a bit different. Calculators don’t take into account what’s different about YOU.

Even if you did calculate your macros, you cannot just ride the same macros all the way to a six pack.

As your body adjusts and your metabolism slows down, your weight loss will stall. This is where people start getting into trouble. Perhaps they’ll adjust too much and end up losing hard earned muscle. Or perhaps they didn’t need an adjustment at all.

And this is the crux of the problem. People second guess their starting macros and macro adjustments. They constantly change their macros or adjust them wildly, only to never achieve consistency or progress.

An affordable, powerful solution

I’m Dick Talens, co-founder of Fitocracy and fitness coach. Having coached many successful people to achieve their dream bodies, I have a deep understanding of what macros you need to follow to achieve a lean physique.

My client, Ben

My client, Ben

The truth is that everyone needs a coach to set their macros. Even coaches need one. That’s because it’s easy to second guess yourself and constantly change your plans.

The problem is that coaches may be pricey for you. I charge $300/month for one-on-one training and $115/month for group coaching. Some people don’t need all of this. They just need macros that they can hit.

So here’s what I’m offering.

For $29/month, I will program your macros and gauge your progress on a weekly basis (this includes an approximate bodyfat percentage assessment). You’ll send me a progress picture, measurements, and I will tell you definitively if you need a macro adjustment.

As a bonus, I will also incorporate free days (as a former fat kid, which you can see below, I need these types of days) and tell you when you need to incorporate cardio.


Get Dick to do your macros

Let’s recap what you get

Now, just to be clear, YOU are responsible for hitting your macros as well as for your strength programming, so this group assumes that you can hit your macros well and that you are strength training 3-4x/week.

To be fair to the clients in my more expensive groups, I’ll only be able to give macro feedback once/week. That being said, you will have a private group with your peers in order to motivate each other and hold each other accountable.

So to recap here’s what you get:

– Starting macros
– Weekly macro adjustments
– Bi-weekly body fat % assessments
– Cardio recommendations
– Macro protocols for free meals, free days, holidays, etc

This group is $29/month and ongoing. There will be no start/end date.

Lastly, think about this for a second… hitting your macros is hard enough, and people only have so much mental energy to spend on dieting. If you want success, remove this mental tax. Get someone to do your macros so that YOU can worry about hitting them.

Get macros from Dick

What my clients have said…

“Not only is Richard one of the most knowledgable people in the industry, he is tough when necessary, but understanding of life and circumstances. He’s available for questions when you need him and he pushes you to be the best version of you. I looked to Richard on a daily basis for help and encouragement. He was by and far one of my greatest assets as I prepared for Miss America 2013!”

– Mallory Hagan, Miss America 2013


“Within one month of working with Dick Talens, I made actual gains for the first time ever. I gained seven pounds of lean mass along with making substantial increases in the weights I can lift.” – Tynan, founder of SETT and “Herbal” from the book “The Game”


“I was once scared to eat carbs or more than 1200 cals but Dick has totally changed my outlook. He is most definitely a fat loss wizard :) I’m shedding fat like crazy and every week I have to notch my belt a little tighter. And yet I still get to eat plenty of food and don’t suffer from deprivation (no banned food groups here) or hunger.” – Victoria B.

“Fitness and fat loss is a journey. As with any journey, it’s best to take along a guide. Specifically one who not only knows the path, but can be there just to keep you company on the way. There isn’t a single unified method that will guarantee success. Dick Talens has helped myself and others with some of the often overlooked aspects of fitness and fat loss. His methods focus just as much on the psychological as physical aspects of weight loss. By helping people gain the self-compassion to realize that there will always be slip-ups and that it’s OK to skip the beating up of oneself when they occur. His wit and wisdom make his group efforts both informative and fun.” – Marv W.

Get macros from Dick

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