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Tanner Baze likes to lift weights, watch romcoms, cuddle with humans, and his dog Bowser. He’s a fan of all things Star Wars and Harry Potter, and he loves turning people into superheroes. Want to train with Tanner? We can hook you up.

Imagine, for just a minute, that we’re piloting an X-Wing Fighter jet. If you don’t know what an X-Wing is, look here:

Those bad boys are sweeeeet. The perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, defensive shields, and a weapons system that can take down an entire Death Star. We’re thoroughly enjoying the hell out of zipping around some unknown galaxy. R2-D2 is back there beeping away at us. Wondering where the hell we’re going. Talking mad robot shit. We tell R2 to shut up. We don’t speak robot talk anyways.

We’re heading straight for the Dagobah system. A swamp planet. Imagine if the whole state of Florida had more monsters, moss, fog, vines, and weird vegetation. That’s our destination. We’re heading to Dagobah to go see a Master. Because we hope to be a Master, and everyone knows if you want to be a Master, you gotta see the Master.

We’re heading to Dagobah to become a Jedi.

This whole fitness thing is hard. It requires a veritable metric shit ton of work. There are many roads, or space pathways that one can take in their fitness journey. Some of them are the more virtuous roads. These being the roads that follow the path of difficult work, constant struggle, but greater happiness.

Other roads might be a short cut. They might employ sinister tactics like extreme dieting, pharmaceutical “enhancement”, or hating on others that decide against taking the shortcut.

A shortcut isn’t the way of the Jedi. A Jedi lives by a moral code that strictly guides their movements, thoughts, and actions. They’re the guardians of peace in the galaxy, and guardians of the fitness world.

You won’t find a greater badass in the galaxy than a Jedi. In the same parallel, will you find anything more badass than someone who has worked hard, shown dedication, and achieved kick ass fitness results?

The Jedi relies on his lightsaber. Primarily colored either green or blue (unless you’re Mace Windu and have purple). A Fitness Jedi relies on the barbell, dumbbell, and kettlebell.

The lightsaber is a tool in which they must be deemed worthy of receiving. You gotta earn that shit. Just like you gotta earn your results with weights.

The Jedi represent the peaceful side of the force.

The Sith represent everything that is wrong with The Force. The Sith is responsible for evil. Where the Jedi have patience, the Sith have none. Where the Jedi show compassion, the Sith say forget that.

The Sith are those evil commenters on your shirtless selfie when you’re flexing your six pack, or the people who critique your form on your latest Instagram video. Sith are even known to storm a hall of children and cut them down.

Note: Anakin has yet to receive his red lightsaber. The Jedi would never do something like this.

Evil bastards.

In case you haven’t caught on, we’re relating Jedi’s to the fitness world here.

The Sith/Jedi relationship has quite a few parallels to the fitness world. It’s a little eerie when you start looking.

How to spot a Sith:

  • A Sith of fitness will cut others down for doing things differently than themselves. They have no time for differing views. Their way is the right way.
  • A Sith will cut corners and take short cuts to get there as soon as possible. A Sith might crash diet, use drugs, or any other manner to gain an advantage and reduce the time it takes to reach a goal. Thus removing the most important part for growth, the journey.
  • A Sith doesn’t practice moderation. They have an all or nothing mindset.
  • A Sith is contantly taking, without giving back at all.
  • A Sith talks mad shit in the comments section of any video, article, or status that doesn’t agree with their view. They are like that family member that you need, but you just don’t agree with about anything.

How to spot a Jedi:

  • A Jedi will entertain all ideas, and objectively evaluate which fitness and nutrition programs are best served to help them achieve their goals. No program is dumb, or useless. A Jedi understand all have their own needs.
  • A Jedi relishes the “journey” that comes with embarking on a fitness and nutrition quest. They understand that the journey itself is responsible for transforming themselves into something more powerful.
  • A Jedi embodies patience. The Jedi won’t get caught up in minute details and let minutia get them down. They keep the big picture in mind.
  • A Jedi practices moderation in all things. They understand that life’s pleasures wouldn’t be enjoyable without moral discipline.
  • A Jedi gives back. They use the lessons learned on their journey to help and teach others.

How to become a Jedi of Fitness:

There’s one major difference between the Jedi and Sith that you may have noticed. They both possess the same ability. Some may have more control of The Force, just like some people might have better genetics.

They both have to put in work. Just like they both have to practice with lightsabers, you have to practice with a barbell in your hands if you hope to get bigger and stronger.

The Sith generally tend to take an easier path though. The Sith search for shortcuts.

The Jedi see the value in the journey. They understand that the greatest lessons learned are those learned through struggle. This takes patience and practice. Not everyone is born with the ability to keep their head up in the middle of a struggle. One must cultivate the ability to relish a struggle, and embrace the suck.

The Jedi has mastered this. The same can be said of a Fitness Jedi.

  • The Fitness Jedi is aware that if they embark on a diet, they have to keep their expectations realistic.
  • The Fitness Jedi knows that if they hope to build their deadlift max, it’s going to take hours and hours of time spent picking things up and putting them back down.
  • The Fitness Jedi knows that struggles and obstacles will get in their way in the form of injuries, time constraints, and other issues. They embrace these challenges.
  • The Fitness Jedi knows they can learn lessons from many different sources that can be applied to their own journey. They don’t patronize others for having a different style of diet or exercise.

Becoming a Fitness Jedi is really nothing more than learning you won’t be able to control everything in your journey. Understanding that is key to accepting that. Once you’ve understood that things will get in your way, there will be events you have no control over, and accepting this fact of life – you are on your way to getting a fitness lightsaber.

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