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Hello and welcome from the entire Fitocracy team!  Since the site was founded, Fitocracy has been a diverse, friendly, welcoming community for fitness and work out tracking. In keeping with this spirit, we have a few general guidelines that we ask every one to follow.

If you need help…

Please check the FAQ if you need help. To contact us: 

For technical issues and bugs, for points questions or exercise suggestions,  contact us here.

For issues on the site or problems with a group, a post, or a user, please let us know here.

A Few Rules…

Fitos come from all walks of life and, because of this, we all have different ideas and opinions. We don’t expect that users will all agree so there are some points to keep in mind:

-No trolling or baiting or personal attacks.

-No slurs about race, sexual identity, religion, gender or weight.

-Pirated material cannot be posted or linked on a thread or in a group.

-Do not post private contact information. This includes full name, physical address,  phone numbers, email addresses or links to other user’s accounts on other sites, unless that person has given express consent for the information to be shared. Do not post pictures taken of some one who does not realizing that they are being photographed.

-We do not allow or encourage images, links, or discussions that promote unsafe practices. This includes, but is not limited to, images and links that promote eating disorders or steroid/drug use, etc. Questionable material is subject to moderator discretion.

-Do not post to argue or call out another user.
Fitocracy has a group for just about every subject ! These are great areas of the site for discussion and they have a  few specific rules of their own:

-Group owners and administrators are expected to monitor and enforce the rules within their group. They have the right to remove members as needed.

-All groups must abide by Fitocracy’s Terms of Service and all applicable rules.

-Groups created to harass, mock, or parody another user or set of users  will not be not allowed.

-Do not create a group for posting sexually explicit content or nude images, even if the group is private.

-We will remove a group if there are problems with members or content that cannot be otherwise resolved.

NSFW Images:
There are ocassions when a picture is useful to illustrate weight loss or a body transformation and the attire worn is revealing. In those instances, we ask that the picture be tagged NSFW. Images that aren’t tagged will be removed and repeatedly posting without tagging can lead to account ban.

Items that should be tagged NSFW:

-revealing attire or underwear.

There are also images that are NSFW that should not be posted. These are things like:

-nudity such as bare breasts, genitals, bare buttocks or thong underwear.

-sexually explicit images including pictures where genitals are visible through clothing,  posing with hands covering breasts or groin.

-images intended to offend (violence, denigrating to gender or sexuality).

All images posted are subject to moderation; if a site moderator feels that it should come down, please respect their decision. 

Accounts created to harass, impersonate, or mock another user or group of users will be removed. Usernames must not be vulgar or offensive. Minors cannot have profiles on Fitocracy.

Posting fake workouts is unfair to everyone. ‘Backlogging’, logging totals of activity prior to signing up for Fitocracy, violates the spirit of the community and causes errors with our leaderboards. Your score and workout log begins from the time of registration. If a work out is logged that is physically impossible or highly unprobable, it may be removed and a warning issued.

Profile images cannot be NSFW. A moderator has the right to remove any profile picture that may be in conflict with our rules.

Do not discourage or insult other users. Criticism and feedback should be done in a way that is helpful and does not use demeaning language.

When the rules are broken:
To keep Fitocracy the friendly, fitness oriented place our users love, rules need to be followed. The first time that there is an issue, we will send an  email and explain the problem. A second time, you can still log workouts but posting ability might be revoked to give every one a chance to cool down. If there is a third instance of misconduct, it can result in account termination.

These rules may be changed as needed.

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