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This week we feature a truly inspirational woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to go and get it. It’s fabulous (and nationally ranked) powerlifter Ktxx22! If you have a member you’d like to nominate for the Member Spotlight, email

Username and level

Ktxx22, Level 44

How did you get started in fitness and training?

In April of 2011, I was 320 lbs and miserable. So I decided that I had had enough I was DONE with being fat and overweight and tired of being the fat girl. So I went to an adult fat camp for 3 weeks that summer and changed my life. While I was there I learned that I am capable of anything that I put my mind to and all I really have to do is want it bad enough. I had lost 60lbs by the end of that year. I started very small by setting goals for myself. My 1st goal was to run one mile without stopping, and after that it went on. I wanted to run/walk a 5k, then run a 5k all of the way through, the I ran a 5 miler, then a 10k, I did my 1st Tough Mudder in April of 2012, and ran my 1st Half marathon in September of 2012. Last January for my 24th birthday I did my 1st GO RUCK challenge and after 12 hours and 22+miles with a 60+lbs ruck sack on my back I asked myself what was going to be my next challenge. That very following week I started teaching myself how to powerlift. Over the next 5+months I fell in love with it and in May of 2013 I was asked to join Lexen Xtreme, one of the most famous powerlifting gyms in the world. From that point on it was strength gains and a lifestyle change! I’ve done 3 competitions and I’m nationally ranked on Powerlifting Watch for my Total in my weight class. All in all I’ve lost a total of 86lbs and counting and my best lifts to date are: Squat: 325lbs, Bench: 215lbs, and Deadlift: 385lbs.


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How did you find the site? How has it changed your workouts?

I found fito through a friend one night out in December of 2011. She told me about this website (at the time there wasn’t an app for androids yet) that was great where you could log your workouts and you get points to level up. I’m insanely competitive and back in those days I needed any sort of motivation to keep me exercising 6 days a week like I was. The only thing it changed within my workouts was that it added a lot of variety I learned SOOOO much from everyone on fito and I learned new workouts just from looking through the activity tracker log.

Do you have any long term goals or direction you plan to take your training?

My long term goals are to continue getting stronger and leaning out. I want a Raw Pro total in powerlifting. After I achieve that I am going to start training multi-ply lifting and getting even stronger. I am also toying with the idea of doing a physique show sometime in 2015/2016. I really want to see my abs and continue changing my body into everything I had ever dreamed it could be.
What are things you’ve learned through trial and error? What areas do you hope to learn more about?

Powerlifting I learned through trial and error, as well as dieting. I’ve been trying all kinds of clean eating diets out there and I think Paleo, the Blood-type Diet, and Carb-Backloading are my favorites. I want to learn more about Strongman lifting and events I think that would be a BLAST!! As well as becoming a better powerlifting training programmer, it’s more scientific than I think people know!

Currently, where would you say your weakness lies? Where do you excel?

I have a weak back believe it or not, and because of it my squat isn’t as strong as it should be. Because of that I’ve been training a few really intensive back days to hopefully build that up, and make my squat numbers GROW! I’m a very solid Bencher for a woman I think it plays a big role in the size of my delts and my grit to press more each time I lift. I also have pretty excellent cardiovascular health for a powerlifter I can run 6 miles at any given time and not die. Which helps me be more well rounded as an athlete.

What motivates you?

My biggest source of motivation is knowing that anything is possible if I want it bad enough. I’ve proved that to myself time and time again and each time it feels better than the last. Another source is the look on people’s faces that I went to high school with when they see me now. I’m smaller now then when I was in the 6th grade. I was 5’9 and wore a size 18 pants then… Now I’m 5’9 and where a size 12! I also get a lot of people that stop me and tell me that I inspire them to be better versions of themselves. That is the BIGGEST compliment that anyone can ever give me. It never gets old and always reminds me that I’m an inspiration and if I can do it ANYONE can!

Are you using any supplements or special dietary changes to achieve your goals?

I am currently on the Carb-Backloading diet. We have a love hate relationship there! Lol the only supplements I take are a pre-workout (usually C-4 or Jack3d), Aminio Acids (Universal), and I take a low carb protein either after I workout or sometimes as a meal replacement (Isoflex or Carnivore). I will probably start taking fat burners to help me reach my stage goal of 2015/2016!!

If you could give advice to someone starting off, what would you tell them?

The best piece of advice that I give people is to set attainable goals and accomplish them one by one. Whether it be to run a mile, then a 5k, then a half marathon or to lift more than the average human; I’ve been successful because I made goals and set plans and deadlines and accomplished them. I would also tell them that just because you eat a cookie doesn’t mean you ruined your entire diet. Life is too short to not enjoy food, just remember that you ate it and work harder to burn more calories the next time you workout! =]

What’s your ‘secret weapon’, the thing that pushes you or you feel gives you an edge?

My genetics actually. I don’t know too many women that can comfortably tell people that they weigh 235lbs, wear a bikini in the summer, and are more fit than your average human being. I’m tall, broad, and I build muscle mass VERY easily. It makes me a pretty good powerlifter! Besides that my mental grit. I have a no quit until my body physically can’t mentality.

What has the overall impact of Fitocracy been in your life?

I have met and made some amazing friends on Fitocracy! It is the real reason I started powerlifting and was able to get into contact with the gym I train at now. Without Fito I dunno that I would be where I am today; with the people that I have in my life. I definitely wouldn’t have snagged my sexy powerlifting boyfriend if it wasn’t for Fito. I love the people on the site and I love the support! When Facebook fails to realize how amazing fitness can be there is a community of thousands of people that are all like minded and striving to achieve greatness.

One thing I want people to take away from my story is…

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If you want something bad enough you can accomplish it. You can change your destiny and your life. And you can truly find happiness within yourself when you strive to be the very best version of you!

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