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Member Spotlight

Today we Spotlight OneMoreRep, who is well on his way to becoming “an absolute freak of nature.” If you know of a Fitocrat deserving of a weekly member spotlight, simply contact users lexyloowho or xJenx or simply email

Username and Level
OneMoreRep – Level 39

How did you get started in fitness and training?
I’ve always been active and involved in sports, but became interested in lifting as a way to improve my performance in sports and gain an edge on the competition. When I turned 13 my parents finally let me join a gym and get started. Unfortunately I was put on a curlbro routine by the personal trainer, so never really saw a big difference in my athletic performance, but did gain some size and strength and I loved seeing the numbers go up on a consistent basis (love those newbie gains). Through working out I became fascinated with nutrition, which is what I eventually got my degree in, and am now a registered dietitian. I had planned on going into sports nutrition and working with athletes but that didn’t quite pan out.

Although I got started at an early age, I’ve gone through a consistent cycle of on and off lifting throughout the years, without ever reaching the strength or aesthetic goals I wanted. For many years I was doing your typical curlbro routine and pounding Cell-Tech, wondering why I didn’t look like Ronnie Coleman. Over the past few years I’ve transitioned to more of a powerlifting routine, focusing on the big 3 and other barbell exercises designed around strength and power. For my personal goals this was a great decision and has led to more progress than I ever saw as a curlbro (although my biceps are smaller now).

Whether it was continuous plateaus, injuries, or something random, it always seemed like I would hit a wall with my progress and eventually take a few months off from lifting and have to start all over again. That is, until I found Fitocracy.

 How did you find Fitocracy? How has it changed your workouts? 

I know I only signed up in March, but I honestly don’t remember how I found the site. All I know is that I’m glad I found it because it has had a huge impact on my workouts. It’s made me much more consistent and helped me push myself harder than ever before. I’ve met and interacted with so many great and supportive people and have learned a lot in the process. As a competitive person I love logging my workouts to see how many points I get, and of course seeing those blue stars is always a plus. Getting props and comments, duels, group challenges… the list goes on and on. I owe everyone on Fitocracy a shout out and a thank you. You’re the reason for my success and progress and I have nothing but respect and admiration for all of you.

Do you have any long term goals or direction you plan to take your training?
My long term goals are to push the limits of my strength and aesthetic potential and become an absolute freak of nature. I plan on entering my first powerlifting competition in the near future and would like to continue getting bigger, faster, stronger, and taking down as many achievements and quests as I can in the process.

What are things you’ve learned through trial and error? What areas do you hope to learn more about?

I’ve made a lot of mistakes so far and I’m sure I’ll make a lot in the future. From curlbro routines to thinking Cell-Tech would turn me into Ronnie Coleman, I’ve learned that nothing replaces hard work, dedication, and good nutrition. The area I want to learn more about is the Olympic lifts. Because of the technical demands I’ve stayed away for the most part, but hopefully that will change soon.

Currently, where would you say your weakness lies? Where do you excel?
Currently my biggest weakness is taking rest days and hitting my macros. Fitocracy has become such a great motivator that I always want to be doing something to earn points even when it’s not a good idea. Someday I’ll find that perfect balance, but for now I live a life full of DOMS.

What motivates you?
Becoming bigger, faster, stronger, and of course, everyone on Fitocracy for all their support and motivation.

Are you using any supplements or special dietary changes to achieve your goals?
I stick to the basic supplements like protein powder, fish oil, and a multi. My dietary beliefs at the moment are IIFYM and IF, although I don’t always stick to them. There are a lot of ways to achieve your goals and I believe flexibility can help keep you sane and on track.

If you could give advice to someone starting off, what would you tell them?
I would tell them that there are no magical supplements, diets, or workout plans. If you want to achieve your goals, patience and hard work is a great place to start. I think it’s also important to enjoy the journey and appreciate every pr and goal you achieve. Lastly I would tell them to train smarter not harder.

What’s your ‘secret weapon’, the thing that pushes you or you feel gives you an edge?
Fitocracy is my secret weapon. I feel that everyone who uses it to its full potential can achieve any goal they have.

What has the overall impact of Fitocracy been in your life?
Fitocracy has helped take my workouts to the next level, and has introduced me to hundreds of great and motivational people. I’ve tried exercises I’d never heard of, become stronger than I’d been in the past, and learned so much along the way. You’ve all had an impact on my workouts and my life.

One thing I want people to take away from my story is…
That you can achieve just about anything if you want it bad enough and are willing to do what’s necessary. The easiest thing to do is quit, but the most rewarding thing is to persevere, overcome, and achieve all the goals you ever set for yourself. Which choice will you make?

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