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There is so much to love about fall. The return of pumpkin everything (yes, we possess the qualities of a basic white female), haunted attractions, (will definitely be checking this one out!), and one of our favorite television series, The Walking Dead.

After watching one of the all time best season premieres, Sundays just got even better. Besides my awful Fantasy football team (to make matters worse, Percy Harvin goes to the Jets…). But that’s a different story.

Anyway, can we all agree that Rick Grimes is a BOSS.


Boss like Rick Ross.

He is the epitome of an Action Hero. And Sons of Strength love Action Heroes. So much we even have a Fitocracy coaching group dedicated to transforming your body to look like one. Check it out here and get on the wait list for the next group.

Rick Grimes is a hero in an apocalyptic, zombie infested world… just like we each must be our own hero in the struggle to lose fat, gain muscle, and lead healthier lives. In a very hopeless situation, Grimes continues to lead, keep heads held high, and kiss babies. He’s the glue of his group and their survival lays in his hands. Each of us should strive to be like Rick.

[SPOILER ALERT] Come on, you have had a week to watch already.

We should all strive to be like Rick in our fitness and health journeys. You must fight like a herd is coming and your life depends on it, be persistent when the odds (unexpected dinners and celebrates, excuses to skip the gym, feeling low on motivation, when you arrive at Terminus to find a group of cannibals, etc.) feel stacked up against you, and pave the path for others to be inspired and follow suit.

On your quest to a killer physique and enhanced performance, we will all face some bumps in the road. Quickly you come to realize that you cannot do it alone. Just like Rick could not get out of a fatal situation at Terminus without the help of Carol’s unexpected return and some pyrotechnics to make one hell of a comeback entrance.

The road to your goals may feel lonely. You may feel like everyone is staring and pointing at you while you pass on the bread basket or that piece of cake, but along the way you are going to need some support.

Your social support is made up of individuals that encourage you to go after your goals, positively contribute in a variety of ways (physically, mentally, and emotionally), and bring out the best in you. Your network is powerful in your development and growth.

Jim Rohn said it best:

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Research has shown that characteristics as diverse as obesity and happiness are contagious… just like this plague that has caused the zombie apocalypse. Except you don’t have to be bitten to become infected. You just have to surround yourself with the wrong people.

In order to improve who you are today and who you want to become in the future, you are going to have to take inventory of your entourage.

That starts with some self reflection and 5 questions to ask yourself. Be brutally honest. These will assess the level of your social support

  1. Do the people with whom you spend each day (at work or at home) follow healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising regularly and being aware of what they eat?
  2. When you want to perform some physical activity such as going for a workout or taking a hike, is it easy for you to find a partner to go with you?
  3. Do you feel pressure or know that your diet and exercise will go out the window when hanging around a certain individual (or group)?
  4. In your work environment, do your coworkers regularly bring in treats like cookies, donuts, and other snacks?
  5. If you go out to eat more than once per week, do your friends or family choose a restaurant with healthy food options?


You need to look at your body transformation, performance, and health related goals as a means of survival. To keep the probability of achieving them high, we need to identify the cast of characters that surround you in life – from your friends, family, and coworkers.


These are the old reliables like Daryl, Glenn, and Michonne. They are your army and will have your back ’til the end. In your own life, you will know these people as the ones that support any and all of your endeavors. Instead of survivors, let’s call them the supporters.

They will show up in your life as:

  • Training partners (workouts, hikes, healthy events)
  • Willing to pick or change restaurants to meet your dietary needs
  • Ask about your progress
  • Provide support whether that comes in advice or just an ear to listen
  • Are curious and want to learn for themselves

They will be the ones giving you a spot, taking the bread basket away, understanding when you have to workout before grabbing beers, and taking a zombie out from your backside.

They will also keep you in check when you are consumed by your goals and provide a balance.

Choose wisely. Are your friends:


hershelWith age, comes wisdom. Lots of time to screw up and learn from your failures. When you find someone who wants to pass along their knowledge, take it with open arms.

Hershel was like Rick’s coach. He never told him exactly what to do but he guided him on his decisions.

We all need coaches and mentors in our lives. Hell, we personally hire our own coaches to do our training programs and diets.

Finding a person that you respect their knowledge, can confide in, and that make you better is invaluable.

Recognize the Hershel’s in your life. If you are lacking one, start with hiring a coach like us.

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We all know how this one panned out. Shane wanted Rick’s life – his wife, his son, and his role as leader of the group. We could say Shane was just a little bit jealous of Rick.

Now, we’re not saying to go kill your best friend. (Different story if he sleeps with your wife…) But if signs of jealousy start to show up with your decision to change your body, that is a big red flag.

You have two options here.

Evaluate if this person is truly your best friend.

If this is the first offense, then give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are allowing their insecurities to get the best of them and wish they had the confidence to make a change like you. Extend a hand and lead the way for them.

If not, tread lightly. They may try to sabotage your plans, downplay your progress, validate your excuses, and do anything to make themselves look better.


These are the people of Terminus too. They are the poison. They don’t care about your food, they actually just might eat you. Just kidding. If so, you better start running now.

Like the Governor, they are only worried your failure. They may even sink their own ship just to make sure you drown.

You should try to distance yourself from these individuals at all costs. Remove the cancer from your life. Expose their motives.

If it’s a coworker that always urges you to join them for an unhealthy lunch, pack your food instead. 

Put headphones on and don’t make eye contact if it’s your chatty friend that slows down your workout with gossip.

Schedule a workout or class during the next happy hour. Become “busy” for these people. They will eventually get the hint. 


The people you are stuck with. Sometimes you feel like you just want to stick a dagger through their head, but unfortunately they’re still there. Most of the time this is family; sometimes they’re coworkers..

Like your mother stocking up the kitchen with your favorite foods when you come home to visit even though you warned here you were on a strict diet. Or your Italian grandmother shoving her homemade pasta and sauce in your face even though you don’t have any carbs left in your macros.

Now the situation you are going into and prepare your best for it. If it’s Sunday and your family tradition is to feast, you better earn that re-feed and carbs with a big workout and some extra HIIT work.

If it’s your significant other complaining about your relationship with the gym, then find a better time in the day. Get up earlier or get your sweat in during your lunch break. Maybe encourage him or her to join you.


Be like Rick.

No matter your social support system, the key here is to become the leader of your own life. When it comes to your fitness and diet endeavors, be selfish BUT don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Remember, Rick probably wouldn’t have gotten out of Terminus alive without the help of Carol. Sometimes you need to put your ego to the side and recognize when you could use a helping hand.

Identify your friends or foes then surround yourself with the best.

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