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Joseph Brigley, BS, is the owner of Brigleague Fitness. He is a graduate student and prescribes rehab, weight loss, and physique transformation programs. Want to train with Joseph? Check out his newest Fitocracy Team: The Best Version of You.

I’m one for bending the rules. So that’s exactly what we are going to do today.

To the average person, exercise is most commonly thought of as going to the gym and lifting weights. Something that requires more mental than physical energy. Often lacking in results.

And that’s just not right.

I see this frequently. Clients of mine struggling to consistently exercise. They think about it, they strive for it, but somehow life gets in the way.

“I have to take my kids to soccer practice, drop another one of at dance, I just didn’t make it in yesterday.”

“My drive from school was long, traffic was obnoxious.”

“I’m sorry my meeting ran late.”

It’s tough. You have other responsibilities and they’re important.

My goal for my clients is to make you and your life the best version it can be. With that focus, exercise shouldn’t be a chore; rather, something that is enjoyable for each individual, as you see it.

So what can I do?

Stick to the form of exercise you absolutely love. The one that’s fun for you. Maybe that seems trite, but if you don’t enjoy doing it, then you just won’t do it.

Sample Case Studies:

The fat loss desiree, who hates running:

This instance resonates with me. My grading scale of things I don’t like goes like this: 1) Snakes 2) Peas 3) Running 4) Hotdogs. Peas and running could be interchangeable, but you get my point.

How can people who don’t like running, still enjoy exercise? Great question, I’m glad you asked.

There are a couple of ways to do this, but for today’s sake let’s K.I.S.S. For those of you who love to lift weights, but want to euthanize the treadmill this is for you:


Click to enlarge.

The difficulty of the exercise, intensity of set up, and minimal rest will promote sufficient stress to provide your result and keep your workout short.

In this situation, cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise, is not an issue. But you have a certain itch to look as good as you perform. Resistance training will help your appearance goals.  As an added benefit, performing the right kind of resistance training will also improve the quality of your runs.

The town runner who wants to look a little better:

Here’s what something like that might look like:

Workout 2.

Click to enlarge.

Directions: Perform the exercise within their lettered group. Follow along with the rest column for that particular group.

Mr. & Mrs. Exhausted:

Those who want to exercise, but have long days at work, long commutes and are down right beyond tired.

If by some luck you make it to the gym, your energy is pretty low. The thought of doing 10 burpees aggravates you as much as your boss. (Your grading scale of not liking things: 1) Boss 2) Burpees 3) Rush hour.

A bodyweight routine is the perfect call here. Pack your gym clothes and intend to make it to the gym. If by some chance the George Washington Bridge gets backed up to the lower west side for 6 hours, perform this at home:


Click to enlarge.

You’re here because you want to improve upon where you’re at.  And that is exactly the train of thought that will allow you to flourish.  The unfortunate reality of certain life situations (see: meetings, traffic) does not make exercising any easier.  But choosing the exercises and routines you enjoy and building one step at a time will bolster your efforts.

Featured image courtesy of Dave Parker and used under a Creative Commons license.


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