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When we heard one of our favorite Fitocrats, Dat Nguyen, aka meatwad, was opening a gym, we couldn’t be more excited. After all, the man puts up some serious lifts, and knows what goes into a good gym. We asked him to give us a virtual tour, and he did us one better—a discount for the first 75 Fitocrats to show up. If you live anywhere near Ventura, CA, you need to check out KO Gym in person, pronto.


Hello Fitocracy!  My name is Dat (but you may know me as meatwad), and I’ve been a Fitocrat for several years now.   I am excited to introduce a new gym that I’ve opened with a few of my best gym buddies, KO Gym located in downtown Ventura, California on 20 N. Oak Street (please ignore the dated google street view of Hollywood Fitness).  If you’re in the area, please visit and mention you’re a Fitocrat for a special deal ($25/month, introductory offer for the first 75 Fitocrats).


I think the best way to explain why this gym is the best place for Fitocrats or anyone serious about fitness is to run them through a workout.  Unfortunately, we are on the interwebs and transportation modules have yet be to be invented, so the next best thing is to show you:

Checkout our Facebook page at:


Do you want to be the very best… like no one ever was?


It’s so beautiful… click for a bigger view.


Why KO Gym?

Sick of gyms with dumbbells that only go up to 100lbs? Not allowed to use chalk?  No squat rack? Not allowed to drop weights (distinguished from slamming)?  Tired of corporate fees?  Tired of out-of-shape personal trainers? Me too.

These are just a few frustrations that I had with most corporate gyms, so I decided to team up with some friends and start my own.  You won’t find those limitations and restrictions at KO Gym.  Here you will find an environment that fosters sharing of knowledge and experience and a facility that motivates its members to new feats!  Everyone at KO Gym, including current members and staff are extremely knowledge and willing to help.  Whatever you’re into, we have someone with the knowledge, experience, and passion for sharing.

I now leave you with just a few of my favorite things about KO Gym:

200lb dumbbells:


90lb chains:


and more chains:


100lb plates:


Olympic platform, Ivanko plates, chalk bowls, squat racks with tons of fun gadgets and gimmicks, and professional bars rated for over 1000 lbs.

My close friend, partner, and manager of the gym, Larry Pollock has been an experienced powerlifter and bodybuilder for over 30 years.  Larry really changed my life when he introduced me to powerlifting about two years ago.  Throughout his years, Larry has collected some of the best training equipment, the sort of hardcore old school stuff you won’t find at corporate gyms.  They’re from glory days of bodybuilding when equipment was made to last and make you grow.

Finally, I’d like to thank Brian and Dick for giving me this opportunity to share this little gym with the Fitocracy world.

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