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Thom Lamb retired from a ten year stint in the Canadian Military Engineers, to become a full time strength and conditioning coach in 2003. His athletes have set over 60 national and world records in powerlifting, however his real passion is to help people discover their inner athlete, and reconnect with their bodies, no matter what their level of fitness. Would you like to train with Coach Lamb? Check out his new Rookie to Rockstar 1 on 1 Coaching program.

You know, I have to admit: I have a really great job. I get to help people train without pain. I get to see clients getting strong and feeling great.

But even better? I get to cook.

Now, I admit I probably wouldn’t love cooking for a living. But going out and finding good things for people to eat, and getting to try them all first, is pretty fun.

And I’ll be honest I’m not a professional chef and my recipes (if you can even call it that) usually aren’t complicated at all, not do they have a long list of ingredients because, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

My focus is about getting healthy nourishing food into people, not impressing them with my culinary aptitude.

That said, I would like to present:

Maple Curry Salmon

OK, pretty much everything about this is awesome. And no that isn’t just because I’m Canadian, and when it comes to maple syrup, we put that s$#t on everything when it comes to maple syrup.

Here’s how you make this.


Maple Syrup -ideally from your client Dave who makes his own, but if you aren’t lucky enough to have a client Dave, who happens to have a few hundred maple trees and a big ol’ boiler, then I guess just get it at the store. (I guess ANY client will said trees and boiler would be ok, he doesn’t need to be named Dave.)

Curry powder



Optional but adds yummyness to it – Mayonaise


Add one or two tbsp of mayo, 1/4 cup of maple syrup and 2-3 tbsp of of curry powder, and some fresh diced ginger into a bowl and mix. (Bonus points if it’s a homemade mayo.)

Cover a pan with tin foil so there is less mess to clean up.

Preheat oven to 375, place 1 pound of salmon fillets  onto the pan and cover with the mixture.

Bake for 25 minutes test salmon for cookedness (is that a word?). Insert a knife for ten seconds in the thickest part of the fillet and if it comes out warm, it’s done.

Makes four servings.

Why is this such a great dish for getting healthy, addressing a host of illnesses, and losing body fat?

1) Salmon is a great source of selenium.

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that has a VERY high binding affinity to mercury. This renders the mercury inert, and it passes out of our system doing no damage.

But there is plenty of selenium left over to help prevent other oxidative stresses that can disrupt brain function. Another important point about selenium: we use fat cells to store toxins like PCBs, heavy metals, and all sorts of nasty stuff. When we start to burn fat those compound become unbound and that is why a lot of times people get quite sick one to two weeks after starting a new exercise and diet program. Having lots of selenium in our nutritional arsenal is a huge advantage to preventing this, and ensuring that the body doesn’t try to prevent fat loss as a defense mechanism to prevent to much strain on the immune system.

Check out this great article on eating fish: “Is eating fish safe? A lot safer than not eating fish.”

2) Maple syrup is one of the rare times that the phytonutrient content is WORTH the carbs.

Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian and I’m obsessed with maple syrup, but maple syrup provides HIGH concentrations in over 50 anti oxidants. Plus a good dose of Zinc and Manganese.


As a former member of Canada’s special forces, Thom is serious about his maple syrup.

3) DHA and EPA

What the Thompson Twins were to 80s pop music and hairstyles, DHA and EPA are to fat loss.

thompson twins

Wait there are 3 Thompson Twins?

They are crucial in the formation of hormones and will help your body deal with things like having proper cortisol clearance rates, having steady mood, and controlling cravings for foods during times of stress. Salmon and other fatty fish is a great source of these compounds.

There’s several other really great nutritients in this dish, like tumeric in the curry, ginger and of course protein, I could write a book about the benefits of it.

Or we could just eat it.

Featured photo: Flickr.

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