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Eric and Ryan Johnson are the Sons of Strength. They’re brothers and New York City based coaches.

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That time of year is approaching. Yes, you know…That period when New Year’s resolutions bring out every wanna-be gym goer donning fresh workout gear; where the holiday shopping lines transform into a 2014 hustle to grab a treadmill. We understand your frustration as a dedicated Fitocrat.


In a few weeks to months, most of these newbies will fall off the bandwagon and back into their normal ruts. At least the cardio equipment won’t be as packed, but you won’t be needing it after this anyway (spoiler alert!). Whether you’re an experienced trainee or one of the new kids on the block, the Sons of Strength have an early gift for you this holiday season.


Before you get too impatient and tear through the wrapping paper, let’s talk about a missing piece in your training puzzle and a new method to get the most out of this absent ingredient.




From Golden Gloves champions to award-winning actors hitting the big screen (most of the time shirtless), our clientele has held the preconceived notion that hitting the pavement was a necessity to their success. Whether it was to develop the conditioning to last in the late rounds or to drop into low levels of body fat percentage, long slow distance runs (or known as LSD) were a mainstay in their programs.


Let’s go ahead and label this method your aerobic energy system; your thunder – since thunder always follows lightning.


Characterized by roadwork for miles at a time, aerobic conditioning relies on oxygen for ATP regeneration and therefore, can produce energy for a long duration of time without fatigue. Through this energy system, fats are broken down to produce this ATP. From that beta oxidation, twice the amount of energy is provided than from sugars alone. This allows the aerobic system fuel every day activities, rest, and sporting events that last 90 seconds or more.


On the other side of the fence, a lot of our clients came in strictly as advocates for training in an exclusively HIIT or Tabata-style fashion. Their belief in high intensity intervals overshadowed any conditioning work that would be performed at a longer, slower pace. Basically, this group traded in the treadmill and running sneakers for battling ropes, Airdynes, and the sled.


This is your lightning; also known as your anaerobic energy system. Broken down into two systems (anaerobic-alactic and anaerobic-lactic), ATP is regenerated much faster here than in the aerobic system. However as a result, this production cannot sustain much longer than a minute and fatigue occurs much more quickly.




With those stated differences, we want to tear down the fence dividing these two energy development systems and accompanying mindsets. Good old Mother Nature always pairs thunder and lightning. Together, these two properties make one heck of a storm.


As the anaerobic energy system is used, whether in weight training or performing any activity for less than 90 seconds, metabolic byproducts will be released into the bloodstream. In order to restore the anaerobic mechanisms to perform another set of say, squats or push ups, the body must clear out the lactate produced.


How does the body do so?


Enter the Aerobic System!


A developed aerobic energy system will clear out the byproducts from its counterpart (anaerobic system) in order to speed the recovery process of producing ATP again. The aerobic system refuels the anaerobic system.


What does all this scientific jargon mean to you?


Basically, that old school method of roadwork and long, slow distance runs can aid the development of your resistance training. Aerobic conditioning will improve your recovery between sets in your power and strength training. With better aerobic fitness, you can improve your work capacity and decrease your rest intervals between sets. In return, you will build able to build more muscle and improve body composition in possibly less time.


So after all, training “slow” can actually help you train “fast”.


We know, we know…you want to just get to your gift already. We’re almost there!




Now you know the importance of your aerobic conditioning and that roadwork, but you just hate the treadmill or running, in general. We feel your pain!


Physically, the pounding of the pavement can put a lot of wear and tear on your joints; impairing your recovery, especially the day before a big leg session. Mentally, the monotony of running on the hamster wheel can make each trip to the gym a little more painful.


And not to mention, the amount of time and volume needed.


Our training philosophy, whether for combat or strength and conditioning, has taken a “never run” approach. This is how we develop the aerobic conditioning of our champions. Now you can construct your own champion too! Sign up today to be our newest client through our new Group Fitness Program, Constructing the Champion!


Using the guidelines below, we have a program for you that replaces running with lower impact activities to get the same training effective we are after. This three week program will improve your aerobic fitness without having to hit the road or wait in the line for the treadmill.




  • Heart Rate is kept between 130 to 150 beats per minute throughout the training session
  • The duration of the training session should be 30 to 90 minutes.
  • These training sessions should be done in a separate workout from any strength development.
  • Perform one to three cardiac output sessions in this manner per week.


You can open your gift now!


Sons of Strength: The Never-Run Workout (opens PDF)

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