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Ready to be built for a blockbuster? A hero doesn’t need super powers to transform their body and become big screen ready. From Rambo and the Terminator to the Rock and Black Widow, the best Hollywood physiques have set the stage for the coveted ultimate physique, ladies and men alike.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will experience first hand how we prepare our featured film stars to become a better version of themselves, fill the big shoes of their hero roles, and step into stardom. The Sons of Strength are on the search for the Next Action Hero. It can be you.

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About the Program

sebastian stan absSometimes even the fittest and strongest people in the world feel like they’ve hit a wall with their workouts or reached a plateau that they can’t seem to get past – it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

What people who take things to the next level all have in common is working with someone at the top of their game to help them mix up their routine or take a new approach to fitness that they never would have thought of on their own. That’s what Ryan and Eric Johnson specialize in!

Ryan and the guys at Drive495 in NYC were given just five months to turn Sebastian Stan into a powerhouse capable of taking on Captain America. In a recent interview, he had the following to say about his trainers –

“The job presented a nice opportunity to push myself in a big way. I’ve always been fit, but have never been to this point.”

The Johnson Brothers, also known as the Sons of Strength, have a unique approach that’s all about maximizing gains in the shortest time possible and have worked on projects like The Hunger Games, The Place Beyond the Pines and even Glee!



“Ryan and Eric’s program has been the most effective and fun program I’ve ever attempted. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot, lost fat, and gained strength. I recommend it to anyone looking to get into better shape.” – FH



Next Action Hero focuses on reaching incredibly ambitious goals in a short space of time, following the same routine used by stars to get in shape for a role.

Wouldn’t you like to see what Ryan and Eric can do for you in twelve weeks? SIGN UP TODAY!


Program Start: June 23rd, 2014

Duration: 3 months

Designed for: Those with some barbell experience who are looking to take their workouts to the next level

Goal: Accelerate visible muscle growth

Requirements: 3-5 hours per week, depending on your goals

Participants: 30-50

Price: $97/month 

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What Do You Get?

For less than $25/week, Next Action Hero includes:

measure guy girl

Strength Training Plans

Intense workouts using standard gym equipment that pack a huge punch into a short space of time. Expect to get stronger, feel more in shape and look better than ever before.

post workout meal

Nutritional Guides

Losing weight is just as much about what you’re eating (and not eating!) as it is about your workouts. The Sons of Strength will help you figure out what you should be eating to gain lots of lean muscle.

support access

Support & Access.

24/7 access to your trainers via the Fitocracy group and weekly video Q&A sessions where all of your questions will be answered in detail. 

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What Results Can I Expect?

stephane smart muay thai  L2 pop star body

✓ An emphasis on correct form and mobility

✓ Improving on personal bests, even if they’ve been stalled for a while

✓ Reaching your goals at an accelerated rate

✓ Huge increases in physical strength

✓ The body of a champion warrior or pop star (former clients, Muay Thai champ Stephane Smarth and music duo L2, pictured above!)

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“I can honestly say Ryan and Eric are the biggest reasons why I have been so successful in the ring. These guys know their stuff; they’re always learning and genuinely care about the people they train. Thank you guys for being so passionate about what you do.” – Stephane Smarth

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of workouts will I receive?

Strength and conditioning are of paramount importance to the Sons of Strength. It’s this ethos that serves their clients, from actors dealing with gruelling, physical shoots to championship kick boxers and stick fighters, so well. Expect to push yourself hard, but also to feel more powerful than ever!

How many hours will I need to train?

Ideally, 3-5 hours per week.

Can my program be done at home?

Since the program requires access to things like barbells and weights, it’s best suited for those working out in a gym.

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About the Trainers

ryan johnsonRyan is a New York City based strength coach, amateur Muay Thai fighter and co-founder of fitness mentoring program Sons of Strength. Certified in everything from kettlebells (RKC, SFG) and Olympic weightlifting (USAW), Ryan accrues knowledge and techniques from everywhere he can. And with experience in everything from varsity football and bodybuilding to combat sports, he’s accrued plenty of both!

eric johnson

Eric is a Los Angeles based strength coach at Sony Pictures and AFP Center, co-founder of fitness mentoring program Sons of Strength and, as his name might suggest, Ryan’s brother! With a degree in Exercise Science and qualifications in sports performance, kettlebells, and weightlifting, it’s safe to say that Eric shares his brother’s all-encompassing approach to fitness! He’s all about challenging and improving yourself every single day.


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