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Spending hours on the treadmill or the elliptical can really cut into your free time, but people often worry that they’ll put on weight if they try to cut back or even stop completely.

No Cardio, No Problem will show you how to ditch the cardio equipment and keep your focus on the weights area without gaining fat or giving up your favorite foods!

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About the Program


Less than five years ago, Von weighed 50 pounds less than what he does now. After years of constant research and experimentation with different types of training and diet regimens, he turned his body from ‘that skinny kid’ to one worthy of a fitness mag cover. But how…?

The fitness industry is awash with information that’s untested, unscientific and sometimes completely useless. Von’s done enough research to be able to tell the difference between information that is factual and backed by science versus information that’s complete BS. The former is all that makes it into his training programs.

But isn’t giving up cardio bad for me?!

Ever thought about how weird it is that a lot of people drive half an hour to get to the gym so they can walk on a treadmill for half an hour? This class doesn’t mean you’ll be giving up cardio; walking up the stairs at work is cardio, playing with your kid in the back yard is cardio, running for a bus is cardio. Let daily life handle your cardio and let this class handle your incredible muscle gains!

“I started working out with Von back in May 2013. He was my personal trainer for nine months and he has change my life for the better in my physical fitness. I’ve been in the U.S. Army for ten years and have never scored a perfect score on my Army Physical Fitness test. After working out with him he not only help me scored that perfect score, but he also help me set personal record in deadlifts and squats.” – Dexter C.

Cardio is NOT the magic key to fat loss that it’s made out to be. This three month class will prove to you that you can cut out the cardio machines and continue to eat what you want without getting fat, packing on muscle all the while!


Program Start: June 23rd, 2014

Duration: 3 months

Designed for: Beginning and intermediate men and women who want to get lean and strong while still being able to eat their favorite foods

Goal: Fat loss and strength gain without spending hours on cardio machines! Also get in the best shape of your life while developing good long-term habits

Requirements: Access to dumbbells and barbells, and have basic knowledge of macros (protein, carbs, fat)

Participants: 40 people

Cost/month: $70

Sign up to cut your workout time in half!

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What Do You Get?

Every member of No Cardio, No Problem gets the following:

– Personalized nutrition plan (that won’t tell you that you have to stop eating all your favourite foods!)

– Custom training routine

– A realistic supplement regimen that cuts out all the supposed quick fixes and magic potions, and will boost your recovery and progress

– Unlimited email support/questions

– Monthly Q&A calls (format to be decided by the group)

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What Results Can I Expect?


✓ Banish the myth that you can’t get fit without cardio

✓ More energy and free time

✓ To enjoy working out (yup, it’s possible)

✓ Knowledge of how to fit short, intensive workouts around your busy life

✓ Some before and after shots to rival those of Kyle B. (pictured above)

“First I’d just like to say Von is an awesome coach, I hired him back in August 2012. Over the months we worked together Von taught me how to be flexible with dieting, how to structure a quality custom routine, and inspired myself to become a coach. Through following Von’s routines I went from struggling to deadlift 185lbs with bad form to now deadlifitng 410 for reps with ease and great form. Benching 135lbs for 1 rep to 240lbs and squatting 155lbs up to 390lbs now. Most importantly Von made sure I had fun and enjoyed my fitness journey.” – Kyle B.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of workouts will I receive?

Strength training and metabolic resistance training routines based on your goals. You will receive an updated routine every month after re-evaluation.

How many hours will I need to train?

2-4 hours per week, depending on your availability and preference. Yup, you read that right – just a few hours out of every week!

Can my program be done at home?

Yes, if you have access to dumbbells and barbells!

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Sign up to cut your workout time in half!

About the Trainer

von-for-about-trainerVon Blanco is a Chicago-based personal trainer (NSCA) and nutrition coach (Precision Nutrition).

When he’s not training, Von writes at where he talks about flexible dieting, minimalist training and life hacks. He’s been featured on websites like, STACK and Yahoo Sports.

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