Ok, you’ve created your team, positioned your group, and completed your sales page.  The next step is to start promoting your team.

You’ll need to share your unique URL, which you can easily access via your Trainer Settings.

You have a number of channels and tactics to utilize. All of the following will help you sell out your program.


Social Media – It’s imperative for fitness professionals to maintain a solid social media presence. This is an effective way to harness your audience and communicate with them.  Many coaches already have significant presence across 1 or a few of these channels, and by promoting to this audience, it makes it that much easier for them to fill their programs.

  • Facebook

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  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

Add a social button that links to Fitocracy on you website:


Email Lists – If you are frequently interacting with large groups of clients/students, or if you produce content, an email list is a must.  This is something you can easily leverage when you begin promoting your program.  Your list consists of people who opted in to hearing from you, so what you say to them is important and makes them a desirable target as an audience.



  • The Fitocracy Community – Not only is important to know how to use Fitocracy’s platform and tools, but it’s also important to have a following there. Share tips with them and demonstrate your value to them as a coach. It goes a long way when promoting your program.

  • Blog Posts – Fitocracy’s Knowledge Center commands high traffic. Our contributors receive a great deal of visibility when we feature them there and in our email promotion.  This is a simple way to increase your profile, especially if you are new to the Fitocracy community. To submit your blog post for a feature in the Knowledge Center, please email ftf@fitocracy.com.

  • Featured Workouts – Workouts are a key component of Fitocracy’s app. Our users frequently track Pre Made Workouts, contributed by our coaches. These are sample workouts of what one would expect if they enrolled in your program. Once they’ve completed your routine, we promote your program to their followers, which proves to be another excellent promotional channel. Learn now to submit a routine for a feature in our Pre Made Workouts.


Coupons – Fitocracy can provide you a discount code up to 40% off. You should be using this code to entice your audience to sign up. Creating an occasion around the discount code, especially with a time constraint, is particularly effective. Examples of this include “40 percent off in the next 24 hours” or “20% off for the first 10 signups.”

Your Personal Network – Your friends are a solid resource to turn to. While they may or may not be people who sign up for your program, they will likely prove to be a great support for your promotion. For example, one of our coaches was running a Postnatal Pregnancy group. She asked a friend of hers, a mommy blogger, to promote the class to her email list, and her program quickly sold out.  Offering coupons for your friends and bloggers to distribute is a fantastic tactic.

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