Shared Workouts serve many purposes:

1. Introduce your brand and workout routines

2. Segment user base into buckets of users who might be interested in your paid content

3. Advertise your workouts throughout the platform (when a routine is completed by a user it is posted as a feed post on Fitocracy linking back to you)

4. Provide free content to Fitocracy users

These objectives can be reached most effectively by making sure to adhere to the following criteria:

1. A quality and well designed workout routine. A quality workout will sell itself. Putting the proverbial “lipstick on a pig” will only go so far.

Naming Choose a descriptive name.  A name like “Workout 1 Sample” will not get much attention. Either take the literal route: “Beginner Bodyweight” or the marketing route: “Big Arms Blaster.” Please capitalize the name and refrain from including your own name in the routine (it is automatically displayed).

Trainer Instructions This is extremely important. Users want to be told what to do. Make sure to add descriptive instructions for each exercise. You will be even more successful if you upload your own videos and add images for the exercises. This will familiarize the potential client with you and your coaching style. It is especially important for the exercises in our database that have no videos.

4. No starting reps/weight. It is said that “a confused mind always says no” – just like with trainer instructions, don’t leave anything up to interpretation. Add minimum weights and minimum reps (or minimum time) for every exercise. If you are prescribing a range (6-8 reps) then use the minimum and list the range in the instructions.

5. Grouping If your workout includes a circuit/superset/group – you must use the grouping feature. To group 2 or more exercises: drag and drop an exercise on top of another. This causes the exercises to cycle from set to set when workout is being done in iPhone playback mode.

Grounds for Rejection

A. No Trainer Instructions

B. Workout name does not follow guidelines

C. Does not include minimum weight/reps/time

D. Not using grouping feature for exercises meant to be grouped

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