Posted by on Apr 25, 2013

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Fitness researcher extraordinaire Alan Aragon is a no-BS, blue collar kind of guy. So, when it comes to fitness hacks, he’s the last person that we’d expect to have something up his sleeve.

That’s why were surprised when he let us in on one of the most awesome hacks ever.

“If you’re someone who has trouble with gripping a barbell because of sweaty hands, I’ve got just the remedy for you,” Alan revealed.

Alan told us that you can purchase an “Altus” brand jump rope for under $8, snip the handles off (see above image), and use them as an amazing barbell grip.

An "Altus" brand jump rope just might be the grip remedy you need

An “Altus” brand jump rope just might be the remedy that your grip needs.

According to Alan, wrapping these around a barbell allows you to lift heavier weights without worrying about your grip. He says that it also “keeps your hands soft and delicate.”

While the latter benefit isn’t a concern to us, it’s certainly a cheap way to give your grip a little boost.

For the record, Alan has denied ever using weight lifting gloves for his “sensitive hands” before discovering this hack.

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