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Strength Training
Ben Hessel graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s of Science while earning his personal training certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). In 2011, he began his own personal training business. Want to train with Ben? Check out his new Fitocracy Team: Bodyweight Strength Training for Women.

There’s no doubt that resistance training is numero uno for fat loss and a better body.

Squats, deadlifts and all that jazz are great, but over the years of trying to figure out “the best for this” and “the best for that,” creative bodyweight workouts have gotten overlooked and under appreciated.

See, for a long time I too overlooked exercise with minimal or no equipment.

I thought I’d stop getting stronger at some point and that it would ruin my ability to lose fat.

But luckily, I just had to get a little smarter.

And in that process (while working mostly with women), I discovered four unique advantages that you can only get through a great bodyweight strength program.

Ben working with one of his clients.

Ben working with one of his clients.

No Judgments

One of the best things about bodyweight programs is that you can do them anytime, anywhere.  That even means in the comfort of your own home, where you can push yourself, challenge yourself, or even take a step back to learn without other people grunting, staring at you or judging every exercise you do.

You Learn How Your Body Really Moves

Forget “functional” exercises with a foot on a bosu ball while waving your hands in the air, strength is function and you want to move through a more natural range of motion.

Learning bodyweight exercises properly will teach you how to move correctly so that you don’t get locked into a machine and injured.

Also, when or if you do go to a gym and use weights, your movement patterns will become more efficient so that you know how to manipulate each muscle and get the most bang for your buck.

You Can Workout On Your Own Time

Many of my clients live busy lives with lots of work or kids to take care of.  We learned that one huge advantage of bodyweight programs for them is that they can warm up and workout whenever they have 20-45 free minutes in their day.

Since their days can be very unpredictable, flexibility is really important.

No waiting for a gym to open, no other people using your machines and no time spent driving or stuck in traffic just to get there.

It’s just another way to get your life back.

What You Learn You Can Take Anywhere

If you travel a lot or go on a vacation, your workouts don’t have to.

You don’t need to pay for a day pass at a gym and you don’t have to criticize yourself for not being able to workout.

Now I know, sometimes on vacation it’s good to step away from it all for a week, but I know many people feel better just getting in at least a few quick workouts in their room.

With bodyweight programming, you can.

Image courtesy of Tim Jordon and used under a Creative Commons license.

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