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Jon Dao, the self-dubbed Conversation Coach, has forged his esteem and beliefs thanks to fitness, friendship, and Asia. Chase Erwin has transformed himself from hungry skeleton to elite competitor Aestheticbot (because Aestheticons are evil). Together, they offer the Jack-n-Out Connection (JNOC) podcast– the best source of fitness convo to pleasure your ear(s).

On this episode: Jordan Syatt from Syatt Fitness!

Here’s the rundown:

Training Kellie Davis and Ideal Clients



“The scale doesn’t tell the entire story. The first photo was 8 weeks ago when I started meet prep with Jordan. I weighed 131 lbs. My max squat was 1x 170, max bench 1 x 100, and max deadlift 3×225. Fast forward eight weeks and I weigh 141 with very little fat gain, with a max squat of 195, a max bench of 3 x 105, and a max deadlift of 3 x 245. Ten days before I hit the platform!”

[Jon vs. Jordan] If You Aren’t Having Fun, You Aren’t Doing it Right -> Should Fitness Be Something Fun?

From Syatt Fitness on Facebook:

Strength Lesson: If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right.

Training is supposed to be a blast.

You’re supposed to go into the gym *expecting* to have a good time.

You’re supposed to leave the gym feeling even better than when you walked inside.

Mock Client btmims
26 y/o, 225-230 lbs, 5’7″, 30% BF, about 3 years on and off in the gym.

  • Started on Stronglifts, went to a Powerlifting gym where we ran a periodized program w/ main movement+accessory work 4 days a week, now using Smolov for squat and Jr. for bench and deadlift (yeah I didn’t cut back on the deadlifts).
  • Also some pulling/pull ups, no real plan with those other than using pull up assistance machine to run a linear progression scheme w/ fat gripz for a bit (strengthen my small-ish hands, want more reps to get better at pull ups).
  • Broke collarbone 15 months ago, no major mobility issues (other than common hip/ankle mobility for getting ass-to-grass on lighter weights).
  • Would like to lose a little body fat with summer coming, but also want to keep nailing PR’s like they’ yo’ momma (current training/gym maxes 375/265/415).

Mock Client Thorsvald
30 year old male, h/w 5’10/ 202#,
25:00 5k.
approximately 19% BF.
Goal = recomp.
Been lifting about 3 years now.

[Chase vs. Jordan] Competing for Aesthetics Instead of Strength


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