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This article was originally posted by blackouttrainer on May 12, 2013.

Don’t we all do this…

Take up a new diet, exercise program, etc., and give ourselves a timeline of 6 months, a year, 12 weeks. We get  good results, even get close to what we were looking for, but our set “time” runs out and with it so does our motivation. We go straight into the cake and pizza we have “earned” just to see all of our hard work be over shadowed by bad choices in a matter of weeks.

Now this is not just to everyone else. This is aimed right at me. I diet hard, train harder and compete to win. I tell myself afterwards “now it’s time for a day off and then I will go HELLA HARDCORE” only to find myself 2 weeks into a “eat all the muffins and donuts” binge. I don’t have the slightest clue as to what snaps in my brain, but I do notice it and know what is to come from the onslaught. And kinda forget the other dark place I can go, i.e. this latest before and after.


Yeah, so that is what I can do (and so can you *coaching plug*) with focus and 12 weeks. 180lb down to 150lb. Long hair, don’t care to aesthetic king of kings (self proclaimed, ok).

SO much work, SO much time, all for the goal of getting on stage. Got on stage, got the trophy, got off a plan, what the heck bro. This is not what I want, but I see it happen to me, to my friends, and I’m sure to many of you.

What are we to do???

A plan

Thought in the Dark

Without a plan, we are doomed from the get go. We thrive on some sort of structure. Whether it takes a fully detailed, mapped out, color coated binder plan or just something you choose in a bar based on whose dart was closer to the bullseye. A plan is a plan, and mentally, I believe it will lead you to a stronger will and greater results in the end.

So for the next show, 5 weeks away for the NPC Junior Nationals, I want to exit that show in style. Not in this funk. I’m going to have a plan ready for myself the day after. I’m not going to give my brain the chance to think it’s “OK” to slip.

I want to remember and I want you all to remember this:

Enjoy yourself, enjoy your life, but don’t forget your goals and don’t let your “enjoyment” hinder you.

See you in the Darkness.

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