You’ve probably experienced the pain of dieting before – hunger, lack of energy, lack of willpower.

Weight loss is supposed to be hard, right? If it were easy then the world would be skinny.

But what if we told you that weight loss can actually be quite simple? That the only reason people think it’s hard is because what you know about it is wrong.

Here’s an example. Everyone thinks that dieting necessitates the need to feel hungry.

Weight Loss Made Simple trainees, however, always complain about being full beyond belief during their first few weeks. AND they lose an average of 5 lbs or more in their first two weeks.


Jerry, trained by Fitocracy coaches, stayed full as he lost nearly 100 lbs.

Why weight loss seems hard

There are a few reasons.

First off, selling simplicity is hard. Marketers have a far easier time selling scam products containing the “secret of weight loss” or “one weird trick.”

Secondly, most of what people know about weight loss is wrong. For example, eating foods containing saturated fat are completely fine and will keep you feel full. It doesn’t help that most health professionals do not know this and actually spread the opposite message.

Lastly, weight loss isn’t just a matter of willpower. Willpower is actually a finite resource, and while it is useful, it is the last thing that you should turn to for weight loss.

What WLMS will teach you

Weight Loss Made Simple is an 8-week course that teaches you the science and psychology behind weight loss. It’s designed for beginners who have over 15% of their bodyweight 20+ lbs to lose.

In this course, you’ll receive:

1. Personalized nutritional guidelines
2. Training and exercise guidelines
3. Consistent support from amazing Fitocracy coaches
4. Weekly Google Hangouts with Fitocracy co-founder Dick Talens

By the end, you’ll:

1. Learn how to stay full while losing weight (sometimes uncomfortably so)
2. Begin the basics of building muscle and losing fat
3. Learn tips and tricks to avoid dipping into your precious willpower stores
4. Be underway in your journey of reaching your goal weight – for good – without the normal pain of dieting

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Weight Loss Made Simple works!

The proof is in the pudding – WLMS trainees who reported their weight after the first month lost somewhere between 6 to 10 lbs.

Many of them said that this is the easiest that they’ve ever lost weight and the first time they’ve taken control of their bodies.

Here’s why. Remember how we said that there was no “magic?” Well, we lied. Sorta.

When you put all of the concepts in this class together and get better at the skills that we teach you, you’ll find that doing the right thing is as close to magic as you can get: losing fat, building muscle, feeling more energized, and fuller than ever.

Isn’t that what many magic pills promise?

This is an extremely interactive class. You will be placed in a group with 50-80 other Fitocrats, where you will need to perform weekly readings, report on your weight loss, and interact with your peers and coaches.

Does this all sound too good to be true?

What our participants have to say…


“Since Joining WLMS my friends and family have all noticed that I’m losing weight and looking better. It wasn’t until I joined that I learned just how much I was under eating. I had been seeing a personal trainer for about 6 months when i joined and was stuck in a rut. After working with Fitocracy even my trainer said he was able to see results in my muscle strength and weight loss. I couldn’t have been happier after joining WLMS and I hope to keep up this amazing weight loss after the program is over with all the knowledge that Fitocracy has given me. We joke that he is a wizard but he really is just man with a plan that works.” – Joe K.



“I always thought that losing weight meant being hungry and doing hours of cardio. With Fitocracy’s help and guidance, I’ve come to realize that I can stay full all day (like, insanely full) and still lose weight. By providing us with educational readings and slowly introducing a new diet and workout routine, I feel like I am fully prepared to take on my long term goal of getting healthy and fit! I never realized how little I knew about fitness until I started this program.” – Emily M.


“Starting this program, I was in a stressful place and unhappy with what the stress had done to my body. With Coach Dick Talens’s help I’ve already lost 12 pounds and 2” off my waist and am incredibly happy with the changes. Not only is the fat dropping but Dick helped create a plan that made my work at the gym pay off even more. The ugly bumps and lumps of fat on my body are being replaced by muscles starting to peak through! I’m really excited about my progress and that I know things will keep getting better. Now my body is an anti-stressor for me and something I’m starting to be proud of!!” – Michael F.


emily_wlms“I cannot begin to recommend WLMS enough, when I joined I was scared to eat carbs or more than 1,200 cals but WLMS coach Dick Talens has totally changed my outlook. He is most definitely a fat loss wizard :) I’m shedding fat like crazy and every week I have to notch my belt a little tighter. And yet I still get to eat plenty of food and don’t suffer from deprivation (no banned food groups here) or hunger. The small group format is also awesome for encouraging friendships and motivation. Dick has a huge selection of excellent reading material to recommend and the weekly hangouts are both informative and funny.” – Victoria B


emily_wlms“I’ve never consider myself as someone who knew a lot about fitness or weight loss. But, when I joined this program, it showed me how ill prepared every health class, and popular news story about weight loss left me. After a short time i was astonished how, although I had to cut back, I didn’t have to cut out. I lose inches, but can still enjoy the occasional Mallomar, or cupcake. Dick really broke it down, helped me understand what really affects weight. It won’t be easy, I often find myself struggling to meet some of my nutritional and fitness goals. But, it works, plain and simple. Even better, I feel Dick is helping me build a lifestyle that i feel i can really sustain for the foreseeable future. Dieting no longer seems like an impossible undertaking, and every week, my goals inch closer and closer. Thanks Dick!” – Joseph N.



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