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Welcome to Fitocracy, the best fitness community on the internet.  ( We may be biased. )


This post is going to have some basic information to help you navigate the site and find what you need, from technical help to community support.


A little bit about who we are  can be found here. If you’re really interested in what made Fitocracy happen, check out The Verge’s Small Empires episode about Fitocracy.


Great ! Now that you know who we are, here’s how  to contact us.


For billing

Bugs or technical help

Fitocracy Team Fitness queries

Exercise requests

Questions about the community


…and a few ‘how to’s’

Site FAQs

Getting Started on iOS

Getting Started on droid

Site Rules

There’s some Fitocracy groups where you can ask other users for help using the site or apps.

Welcome to Fitocracy

iOS Tips

Fitocracy Coaches

Fitocracy Knowledge Center


Going even further, there’s social groups for help and encouragement with various fitness goals, motivational posts and fun places to get to know other Fitos !


Weight Loss

The Right Mindset

Gratuitous Pics of Yourself

Healthy Eating


Lady Lifters

Fitness Questions, Answers, Articles


(….there’s practically a group for every thing. Do a search !)


Don’t want to go it alone? Check out Fitocracy Coaching to see the latest personalized programs we’re offering, then head over to the Coaching FAQs to learn how it all works !

Ok, ready to log that first workout –but you still have some questions?


“How do I log with dumbbells, kettlebells, and machine weight stacks? Do I need to log a set for each arm?  How do I log weighted chin ups, dips, and pull ups ? How do I duel another user ? How can I create my own group ?”


All these and more here in our FAQs

Now, before we send you off to chase some points, here’s some other questions  that come up fairly often.


-How do I delete a thread, a comment, a saved workout ?


It’s currently only possible to delete these things via the site.


To delete a post: under the post, click the gear symbol. Click delete.



To delete a comment:  hover over the comment and click the ‘x’.


To delete a saved workout:  go to the track page, click the tab Pre Made Workouts, hover on the item to remove and click x.

Screenshot 2014-12-28 at 10.58.11 AM


-Why does my comment disappear after I post ?

You can’t participate in a group discussion unless you are a member, even if you comment from a friend’s page, so make sure that you’ve joined up to jump in. There’s also a user setting that some fitos enable that allow only their friends to leave comments on their activity.

-I just need to know how to….

Ok, some one will be able to help you. Make sure to include what platform you’re on, either the site, the droid app or Fitocracy for iOS.

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