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Dispatches from Xenowang and Fitocracy


In case you haven’t heard, Fitocracy recently hit a new milestone; we just turned 4! In the past 4 years, our members have tracked more than 15 million workouts.  And while they’ve been diligently working out, the Fito team has been hard at work, rolling out new updates and we’d like to bring you up to speed on the latest and greatest.


We’ve launched Fitness Plans, because everyone needs a plan

In our efforts to provide Fitos with a wide range of options for motivation and guidance, we’ve just introduced a brand new offering: Fitness ‘Plans.’

What is it?

Fitocracy’s Fitness Plans are premium content from top Fito coaches. If you’ve ever looked for an exercise program that you can follow, you know there is a whole lot of information out there. Fitocracy is curating plans from some of the best to ensure that you get quality material.

How does it work?

Once you purchase your Plan, you’ll receive content introducing you to Simply Fit, education about how to make the habit changes to become more fit, and most importantly, scheduled workouts and nutritional guidelines.  The workouts will be sent straight to your phone and they come with instructional videos, showing you how to do the exercises as well as how to get the most out of your workouts.

How is it different from Fitocracy Team Fitness?

So, you may think this sounds a bit like Fitocracy Team Fitness Online Coaching. It’s similar in the sense that you have a plan created by a fitness expert to follow.  But since having a coach isn’t for everyone, we’re providing you with another affordable and flexible way to get programming to succeed.  Not to mention, you can sign up whenever you want, be it today or 2 weeks from now.



Simply Fit by Kellie Davis
is our first Fitness Plan, and there are more on the way. As part of our launch, we’re offering everyone 50% off the one-time fee for premium workout, nutrition, and educational information. Just use SIMPLY50 at checkout!


Some other cool updates

  • We’ve added a What’s New Section for iOS users, which will let you see important news, updates, and special events. Just make sure you’ve installed the latest iOS update; it also squashes bugs you may have been experiencing.

  • We’ve introduced filters! With so many great Fitocracy Coaching programs, we realized we needed to give you a super easy way to find the best option for you.  You can now filter by goal, equipment, intensity, gender, and price to find the coaching group that most closely matches your needs.


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