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Tanner Baze likes to lift weights, watch romcoms, cuddle with humans, and his dog Bowser. He’s a fan of all things Star Wars and Harry Potter, and he loves turning people into superheroes. Want to train with Tanner? We can hook you up.

It doesn’t take very long for me to get lost in a YouTube wormhole of Crossfit fail videos. Something about seeing people injure themselves is cringe-worthy, yet endlessly hilarious. (See: America’s Funniest Home Videos was one of the top-rated TV shows of the 1990s.)

Crossfit receives a ton of backlash from many people throughout the fitness industry, most of which I think is petty and counterproductive. Just because I love Crossfit fail videos doesn’t mean that I find Crossfit to be the worst thing known to man. I’m not a Crossfit hater. If you’re looking for an article bashing Crossfit, they’re out there, but this isn’t one of them. In fact, Crossfit has a lot going for it, and we in the fitness industry can learn a lot from how they do things.

Crossfit Pros:

Crossfit is incredible at getting people in shape. I’d argue there isn’t a single movement more effective at that in existence right now. Millions of people have Crossfitted their way to flatter stomachs, ridiculous muscle, and insane athleticism. There is something to be said about the multifaceted approach to training that Crossfit takes. It just freaking works. It has challenged conventional wisdom, and most of the old guard aren’t happy about that at all.

The main driver behind Crossfit and its wild success is the community it has fostered. Crossfitters don’t care if you laugh at them. They have their own box where they feel like family. That box is a home to them. A safe haven where they struggle, sweat, achieve, and build lasting relationships.

They celebrate your success, and stay after just to see you finish the WOD if you’re the last one going. They pick you up when you fail, and will be there with encouraging words when you just want to quit halfway through Fran.

Crossfit Cons:

The biggest glaring con to Crossfit is the programming and methodology. Crossfit obviously flies in the face of the law of specificity, and everything we ever thought we knew about training. One of the biggest drawbacks to Crossfit is that with its rapid expansion and continued focus on growth the barrier to entry isn’t very high to become a Coach.

This leads to some very shoddy programming at boxes around the country as brand new Coaches with little real world experience are writing workouts that are supposed to work for the 25 year old uber fit, AND the 53 year old mom of 3. It’s no wonder injuries happen.

Fitocracy is the awesomeness of Crossfit, without the bad stuff:

Crossfit creates an awesome community, but you might snap a femur while doing it. Fitocracy offers that awesome community, without the femur snapping!

Social support is one of the key factors to lasting lifestyle change. Without the support of our loved ones, friends, or complete strangers we only know via a keyboard many of us flounder. Fitocracy is the greatest tool in existence in leveraging the power of a supportive community where everyone is focused on one common goal: getting fit and becoming a superhero version of themselves.

The community that is centered on levelling up, learning new things, and becoming your own superhero is revolutionary. It’s solely responsible for keeping people from falling off the fitness wagon when times are tough. There is a powerful accountability factor in knowing that your friends on Fitocracy are there to see you level up, to answer the questions you may have, hit you with some encouragement, and deliver that dose of truth when you need it the most.

Can you find your own community within Fitocracy?

Wondering which house you would get sorted into at Hogwarts? There’s a group for that.

Into showing off your gainz after levelling up? There’s a group for that.

Want to get fit for the zombie apocalypse? There’s a group for that.

Consider yourself a grammar nerd? There’s a group for that.

Looking to shed fat, build muscle, and become a leaner-stronger-more confident version of yourself? There’s a group for that: Cut and Confident.

Don’t let the brotastic title fool you, Cut and Confident is all about helping people make the change they’ve always wanted in their lives. Most of the time that’s a physical change. Shedding fat, building bigger arms, or hitting a high number on the deadlift.

That’s not the only change we make in Cut and Confident, though.

A physical transformation is only one part of the transformation someone makes with Cut and Confident. The confidence that comes along with knowing how hard you’ve worked day in and day out, the struggles you’ve had to endure, the high points and the low points you’ve encountered, and still hit your goal is unmatched. It’s not cliché to say that you become a new person. A leaner, stronger, more confident version of yourself. Those who have lived it can attest to it.

I want to see you develop the confidence to walk up the girl at the bar and charm the hell out of her. All because you know that isn’t near as hard as the workouts you’ve been going through for the past few weeks.

Through Cut and Confident you should be able to take charge of any room, meet new people, and show off to your spouse. You’ll go through grueling workouts and nutritional programming that will leave you a completely different person on the other side. All the while receiving top notch support.

Support is the source behind the success of Cut and Confident. I’m there for you at every step of the way. Answering any questions you might have, giving you in depth nutritional programming and support, tailoring workouts specific to your needs.

Sound like this might be what you’re looking for? Then head on over to the Cut and Confident page and let’s start changing your life.

Featured image courtesy of Crossfit Fever and used under a Creative Commons license

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