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Harold Gibbons believes you have the strength to change the world, and that to do this, you must build a better self.  His goal is to build indomitable will through physical capacity, and he believes you’re stronger than you think. Visit him on the web and follow him on twitter.

When was the last time you competed?

Like, in sports? Yes, it’s a serious question.


For many of us, the answer is probably high-school, perhaps college, and maybe you’ve joined a local 5k or a mud run. Mud Runs don’t count, because they serve you beer when you’re done. If you’re drinking, it’s not a sport.


I just pissed off a bunch of golfers and bowlers. As long as you’re sober, you’re sporting, don’t worry!


Recently I wrote a piece for the blog at that focuses on the fact that each and every one of us is an athlete. Yes, regardless of uniforms, or competitions, or medals, or teams. Here is a wee lil’ snippet from the full piece:

We who frequent the Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams are united in our Belief that we can get 1% better every day.  Our journey is a relentless pursuit of personal truth, but sometimes the truth can be ugly.

One truth that may be particularly nerve-wracking or unsettling for you is that, contrary to what you may have been led to believe, you’re an athlete.  You are a fabulous fucking athlete.

Our cultural connection to “athletes” is to those who actually get paid to play with their balls, those who wear jerseys to work, and those who make appearances on Sports Center.  In reality, we each have our own events and desirable performance outcomes, and our own personal goals for health and hotness.

You are an athlete.  Act accordingly.


Using a movement based approach to training gives us some major benefits over a muscle or exercise specific approach, and I outline what I consider the big three in that article.  Learn more about your inner athlete by finishing that piece over at the Mark Fisher Fitness blog or by clicking this link right here. 

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