Program Details

Who it's for

A beginner to advanced course for men and women that requires gym access


  • Build Strength
  • Build 10+ pounds of Lean Mass
  • Build Athleticism
  • Build a routine that serves your busy lifestyle


  • Duration: 17 weeks
  • Starts: October 27th, 2014
  • Ends: February 27th, 2015


  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Squat Rack

What You Get

  • A 16-Week Specific Training Program
  • Weekly office hours and Skype Chats
  • Specialized Nutrition Instructions
  • Minimalist Mass Grocery and Supplement Guide
  • Video Tutorial of Unfamiliar Exercises
  • A Chance to Win $300 of my Money for Getting Awesome Results
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$85/ MO


Building muscle isn’t easy—If it was, a lot more guys would be walking around at 220lbs with ripped six-packs and 20-inch arms.

The problem?

We make it too damn complicated.

The clutter in fitness clouds our view of what’s important and what can be removed. You don’t need to “isolate” every muscle group and designate one-body part for every day of the week. You don’t need a thousand different tempos, a complex Eastern European Squat program, and forty exercises to make progress. You need simplicity. You need progressive overload on a few exercises. 

A cluttered approach leads to over-analyzing, and sub-par results for everyone. When it comes down to it we all want the same thing—a strong, shredded, and athletic body that improves our lives rather than consumes it.

You need Minimalist muscle building.

There’s enough overly complicated stress in our jobs, school, and family life. Training doesn’t need to be added to the list.

So we'll build the ultimate body with a minimalist approach.

  • A thicker back and boulder shoulders to show off the coveted V-Taper and traps
  • Thicker arms to stretch your shirt sleeves
  • Thick, athletically built legs that scream power and athleticism
“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” - Bruce Lee

And you will do all of this without having to spend your entire life thinking about fitness!

Building a great body isn’t easy, but nothing worth having is. Hard work is required, but that doesn’t mean the plan needs to be overbearing and too complex.

What’s needed is a narrow focus, the correct tools, and the experience to help get you there. This is where I come in.

About the Program

With Minimalist Mass you’ll become stronger, bigger, and more athletic.

This isn’t a program just for powerlifting, bodybuilding, or for athletes — it’s a combination of these disciplines to get you the best results in the shortest time possible.

You’ll lift heavy, occasionally chase the pump, and move like an athlete.

Workouts will be brief, intense, and goal oriented, and will pack on the kind of muscle that looks and performs like a muscular athlete.

The program will last 16 weeks—a short time in terms of a workout career but plenty of time for life changing results.

For $85 a month (compared with my $85/hr rate for one on one training and $200 for online training) you get:

  • High quality, maximally efficient workouts
  • Macronutrient guidelines
  • Weekly Skype Office Hours and email access to me
  • Minimalist Mass Grocery and Supplement Guide
  • Accountability and Support to conquer any issues and reach your goal
  • A chance to win $300 of my money for getting awesome results and completing the program (rendering your training nearly free)

And, of course, you'll also be working to finally conquer your biggest goal in the gym and add that final 10-15 pounds of lean muscle.

Spots are limited, and kept that way to maximize your results, so you’ll get individual attention from me to help you through any questions. I’ll take the time get to know you, your goals, and help you get the best results possible.

Training-wise you’ll need the basics—barbells, dumbbells, and a little space to move. You’ll train roughly four times per week and get everything done in under an hour. Doing less is key to maximizing your efficiency and accomplishing more in the gym. 

We’ll work together to maximize your efficiency, eliminate the fluff, and build your best body in the time that you have. The exercises that worked best decades ago still work best today. Stop making everything so damn complicated.

“It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” – Seneca


Maybe you’re an accountant during tax season, constrained by dozens of last-minute documents and sleeping under your desk.

Maybe you’re a full-time student working two jobs, managing your classes, and trying to have a social life.

These are examples of clients I’ve helped finally build the body they crave. You can do it too, and I’d like to lead you.

With an easy to follow program that focuses only on that which is most important and eliminates everything else, you'll build muscle and functional strength without it taking over your life in the process.

And I know the program works, because it's built on my own training...

About the Trainer

I almost quit.


I failed as an athlete trying to build athletic muscle and as a college meathead trying to re-establish some semblance of athleticism. I wasn’t happy with my porous results and I wouldn’t be happy unless I had the best of both worlds—being athletic and muscular. Not one, not the other, but both. What’s the point in being a muscle bound sluggish Ogre or lacking confidence?

I made it my mission to answer conquer my goals. To build muscle, strength, and the confidence that achieving your goals provides. I built a body that’s strong, capable, and muscular. Even more important, I studied, researched, graduated, and took certifications to gain knowledge and help others do the same.

Now, I’ve helped people achieve great results for nearly a decade. I work with weekend warriors, all levels of athletes, and everyday people hoping to look better naked.

I’ve seen a lot as a coach: Hard gainers, clinical illness, skinny-fat syndrome, major injuries and massive weight loss goals. The similarity between all of these? I’ve helped them reach their goals and get great results.

I can teach you the tools to conquer your training, get your nutrition right, and build a better lifestyle. You’ll master your body and your mind to finally build a muscular body that serves you.



Will you give us calorie/macronutrient guidelines?
Yes. Unlike other programs I'll teach you how to find the best nutrition split too help you gain muscle and minimize fat gain.
What If I'm brand new to the gym, can I still join?
Yes, but be prepared to learn on the fly. This is specialized for intermediate-advanced lifters.
What makes Minimalist Mass Building different from other strength training programs?
Most training programs are based around "broisms" and typical dogma. Minimalist Mass Building puts the dogma to rest to help you build the most muscle possible without spending unnecessary time in the gym
I don't have a ton of time to train at the moment, will I still see results?
The Bottom line is your training must align with your goals and abilities. If won’t hit the gym fives times per week why do a workout that requires it? That's why I'm here-- to simplify, help you get stronger, and make huge gains. You’ll reap huge benefits from a simpler approach to training, and mastering the essentials.

Eric Bach

Joes to Pros

Eric Bach,CSCS, is a Denver based trainer, nutrition coach, and author. Eric coaches clients in-person and online to build high-performance physiques that look and perform like high level athletes. "It's time to build a body that serves you."