Program Details

Who it's for

A beginner to advanced one on one training program for men and women that requires nutrition guidance


  • Progress toward your specific goal
  • A better understanding of how to eat for your specific goal
  • A general feeling of health


  • Duration: Monthly Subscription
  • Starts: As soon as you signup
  • Ends: Immediately upon cancellation.


  • Food Scale
  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoons
  • A willingness to try new things

What You Get

  • Nutrition assessment
  • A full macronutrient breakdown
  • Sample day of meals and snacks based on individual macros
  • Calorie and macro adjustment based on progress and needs
  • Nutritional guides
  • Weekly check-ins
  • E-Mail response in under 24 hours
Hire Me

$75/ MO


Don't like what you see in the mirror? Don't like how your clothes feel? Don't like the results of your training program? Maybe you're missing the most important factor -- Nutrition.  Science has shown that nutrition is the biggest contributing factor in body transformation.  

No training alone can match the transformation caused by the right nutrition.  Not HIIT, not LISS, and not weights.  The best body transformations ALL have one thing in common, proper nutrition.

Notice I didn't say the right "diet"?  Diet implies a short-term eating solution.  What's the point in busting your butt day in and day out if you're not changing the habits that got you where you are now?  With Lifestyle Nutrition, we talk about what's really important:

  • Developing Lifestyle Eating Habits
  • Learning to make healthy choices
  • How to indulge without over-indulging
  • How to continue after you finally reach your goal

About the Program

"In three weeks, Erin has helped me accomplish what I could not do myself in six months."

I've been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through nutrition for over three years. As a former "fat person", I know what it means to feel like losing weight and reaching your goal is an insurmountable battle.

I have also faced my own personal demons, learning how to cope with eating disorders and cravings. My experience in facing these challenges has greatly helped me when working with clients to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

This isn't a one-size fits all program. Everyone who joins get the following:

  • Nutrition and activity assessment
  • Individualized caloric and macro breakdowns
  • Sample meal and snack plan
  • Nutritional Information Guide
  • Support and assistance throughout

A lot of programs will insist you cut certain food groups, take supplements or change your diet in such a way that it isn't maintainable for long periods. I don't buy that. I believe stellar progress comes with time and proper planning!

As a former teacher, I know first-hand that the right plan is the difference between reaching a goal (whether it's losing weight, improve your appearance or just feeling better) and missing it. I am personally invested in my clients and I take pride in their successes and helping them reach their goals!

About the Trainer

"When you see the positive effects that come from helping someone with their fitness, you feel good knowing you're part of the reason they're living the life they want!"

Erin Wells is a Precision Nutrition certified coach. She found her love for fitness and nutrition in 2007 after deciding to make a change in her life. She began her journey like so many others, looking to lose weight and feel great. Her first experience was as a self-confessed "cardio bunny", but she quickly found that cardio alone wasn't helping her achieve the results she wanted.

After meeting some other fitness-minded people, Erin took up weight training to help re-shape her body. Following a bad experience with a crash diet and a lack of results, Erin began researching healthy and sustainable ways to lose weight and stay in shape.

Since recovering from metabolic damage caused by crash dieting, Erin has implemented a complete training program that uses weight training, high intensity interval cardio, and steady state cardio combined with a proper diet to feed and fuel her throughout the day. And now she's here to share it with you!

Erin Wells is a TRX Certified Trainer with a Master’s Degree in Health Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and is currently working towards Precision Nutrition Certification. She is a former health and weight training teacher and has also worked as a youth counselor.



Will I have to eliminate my favorite foods?
Most likely, no. I find a way to work your favorite foods into your macros. However, some foods require you to eat them in moderation in order for you to reach your goals.
Do you require me to take a weight-loss supplement?
I will not ask you to take weight loss supplements. I firmly believe proper nutrition should be based around whole food with the occasional protein shake if you struggle to meat your macros.
What if I'm vegetarian/ vegan/ paleo/ have food allergies, etc?
I work within the limiations of your diet and provide you plans that will not only meet your goals, but take in consideration your diet restrictions
Will you ask me to change my style of eating?
I will try to work with your style of eating as much as possible. However, in some circumstances it may be necessary to adjust your eating.

Erin Zwolinski MST,Pn1

Fitness & Nutrition Mentor

Erin holds a Master's degree in Health Education, is a certified Nutrition Coach through Dr. John Berardi's Precision Nutrition, and is also TRX certified She has worked with a variety of ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels.