Program Details

Who it's for

A beginner to advanced one on one training program for men and women that requires gym access


  • Incinerate body fat
  • Build strength
  • Build Muscle
  • Increase confidence
  • Improve overall health and well being


  • Duration: Monthly Subscription
  • Starts: As soon as you signup
  • Ends: Immediately upon cancellation.


  • Training 45-60 minutes, 3-4 times per week
  • Desire to attack goals and make serious changes
  • Access to some gym equipment (dumbbells, barbells)
  • Willingness to try new foods and eating habits

What You Get

  • Fully customized training plan
  • Customized Nutrition plan
  • Continuous upgrades and adjustments to both training and nutrition plans
  • Accountability with regular check ins
  • Daily access to your coach (Mitch) for all your questions
  • Regular information and helpful content to make sure you keep making progress
  • A positive and uplifting community of like-minded people
Hire Me

$120/ MO




To put it simply, this program is about a better life. It is about rebuilding your body to be the lean, efficient, strong and healthy body you were meant to have.

It is about learning to eat the foods that will not only help you build strength and muscle, but also will improve the clarity of your mind, and energize your body and revitalize your life.

Most important, it is about building the habits that will ensure you remain strong, lean, healthy, energetic and happy for the rest of your life.

Most of all, this program is about YOU. This isn't a cookie cutter program. I won't sell you a dream that is unattainable. What I do is listen to what you want to achieve, and work with you to do everything possible to set you in a dead sprint towards that goal. 

Check out what some of my clients have to say about their experience:


"I have been working with Mitch for 4 months and the change I have seen in my body, my mind and my overall health is amazing. The lbs and the inches have fallen off, numerous health issues I struggled with are a thing of the past and I credit it to the help I've received from him in making such a positive lifestyle change. Mitch is so passionate about helping others change their lives for the better and it definitely shows in all of his hard work to get me to this point. I'm looking forward to many more months of working with him because we aren't finished yet!" -Tyla


"Coach Mitch is great. Before working with Mitch, I had tried a couple of local trainers at the gym, and a different online group. These left me feeling like I didn’t have a clue. Mitch is different. He really wants to help you succeed. He provides encouragement, motivation, and answers to your questions. He is very responsive, quick to answer questions, and help you solve problems. He is very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition. Mitch worked with me to help choose the exercises that I could do with my limitations from former and current injuries. The level of support that Mitch provides is wonderful. Since working with Mitch, I have dropped a dress size, feel stronger, and am more confident in the gym. I would highly recommend Coach Mitch." -Allison


"Found Coach Mitch by signing up for one-on-one coaching at Fitocracy. Though dubious at first, that long-distance, remote coaching would be worth the cost, Mitch won me over with quick responses, always tailored to my situation. I’m not an easy client either. I’m not young and I'm not fit. I’ve survived a major heart attack and I work full time at a demanding, stressful job. Just went through some very tough times, and I needed a coach who could be sensitive to what was really in my best interest. He’s come through for me, and I recommend him highly." -Mike


I have been a fitness coach for eleven years and have worked with hundreds of clients with great success. My clients have ranged from beginners to advanced, from people just wanting to get healthy, look better and feel better to athletes, police officers and firefighters.

The reason for this success is simple. I have a passion for fitness and helping others succeed. I have applied this passion and experience to create a flexible approach which can be used to help YOU be successful.

I am here for one reason, and that is to give you whatever it is you need to become leaner, stronger, sharper, healthier and happier.


  • You get a completely customized workout and nutrition plan designed to achieve whatever goal you have in mind.
  • You get a restorative exercise plan designed to eliminate joint pain and improve ease of movement and quality of life.
  • Access to Coach Mitch on a daily basis, questions answered within 24 hours, and daily feedback on workouts and food logs to keep you moving towards your goals.
  • Video updates from yours truly, containing group updates, information and tips.
  • Weekly articles with information that is relevant to you and your goals. Articles will be written by Coach Mitch, another Rockstar Coach or a guest writer.
  • Video calls on a scheduled basis. If you would like to chat, lets chat. Schedule a call with me and we will discuss everything and anything in order to keep you moving forward.
  • Exercise video demo's so you can be sure you are doing the exercises correctly, and exercise form feedback from Coach Mitch.
  • Accountability and continued coaching to ensure your ongoing success in the program.

Once you click the 'JOIN' button I will personally reach out to you and welcome you to the program, and at that point you are already on your way to becoming stronger, leaner, healthier and happier. 



Do I need any equipment?
Some equipment is necessary but not much. We can make phenomenal progress with barbells and/or dumbbells.
Do I need a certain level of experience before training with you?
Not at all. We start our program wherever your experience levels dictate. If you've never worked out before, we will show you how. If you have a lot of experience, we will take you farther than ever.
What makes one-on-one coaching different from your group programs?
In the one-on-one setting, I am able to address you individually much more often than I can in group programs. This will keep performance and accountability high, and your training and nutrition very precise.
Do I need to track my calories and macro nutrients?
I suggest it, but it is not necessary to get great results. We will take a realistic approach and do what will fit your lifestyle. This program is designed to improve your life, not complicate it.


Declare WAR on Fat

What's up!? I'm Mitch, Fat Loss and Strength coach as well as the creator of the Fat Loss Inferno Program. I've been a coach for 9 years and have helped TONS of people crush their fat loss and physique goals. Join the team! Mitch