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Who it's for

A beginner course for men and women that requires minimal home equipment


  • Lose weight without being hungry all the time
  • Learn the "hacks" necessary for losing weight
  • Increased energy
  • Begin the basics of building muscle and losing fat


  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Starts: July 7th, 2014
  • Ends: July 26th, 2014


  • I’m depending on YOU to put in the work
  • You must do the assignments and readings
  • Show me that you have what it takes

What You Get

  • A customized program with exercise recommendations and handmade diet guidelines
  • Weekly lessons filled with evidence-based readings about fitness
  • A live weekly Q&A, similar to the ones I’ve done with LifeHacker
  • Encouragement from a private community
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One of the biggest disconnects in all of health and fitness is what people think weight loss is like vs. what correct weight loss is really like.

What most people think weight loss entails:

  • Being hungry all the time.
  • A ton of exercise.
  • Mustering up a ton of self-control and willpower to diet and exercise.
  • Spending countless hours that you don’t have.

Statistically speaking, you’ve probably tried to diet before and come to a similar conclusion.

But what if I told you that using a mixture of science and evidenced-based fitness along with understanding the psychology behind fitness, weight loss can be ridiculously simple.

In fact, I churn out clients like it’s my job (jk, it is). My clients, everyone from celebrities to everyday Joe, have called me a “fat loss wizard.”

A client of mine who lost weight despite having very little time in his busy schedule

I’m able to do this through a mixture of science, evidence, and experience from the hundreds of people that I’ve coached through my personal groups and Fitocracy Team Fitness.

Because I’ve learned how to “hack” my clients’ fitness (in the sense that I know exactly what’s going on and how to manipulate things) my clients’ fitness, I hear time and time again that this is the first thing that’s worked for people.

Client "Jerry" learned how to use evidence-based fitness to "hack" his body.

So, for the first time ever, Fitocracy Team Fitness and myself are offering a free, experimental, two week training group to help you get started on your weight loss (Limited to the first 500 signups).

But first… a bit about me

For most of my life, I hated exercise. Yep, if you thought that I loved exercise because I’m one of the co-founders of Fitocracy and a prolific fitness coach, you would be wrong.

Actually, I was obese growing up and had been for a majority of my life. I actually looked like the kid from Up, except much rounder and plumper. I topped 230 lbs at 5’7 (I’m now 5’10) at my peak.

Yep, even the homeless laughed

The funny thing is that both of my parents were Medical Doctors and had me “eat less and move more,” whatever that means.

I tried eating less and moving more with as much willpower as I could muster, but nothing worked. I loved food and I hated exercise too much. (I’m still actually quite neutral about exercise, to be honest. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either.)

Even worse, no amount of will power or motivation seemed to work. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight before, you know what I mean. Eventually, you give in to your urges. First once, then again and again (I eventually learned that willpower only plays a small role in making your transformation).

These days, I am now grateful for growing up as a fat kid. It’s the single most important thing that influenced me as a coach. It allowed me to find the “secret sauce” to a successful physical and mental transformation.

First, I’ve spent thousands of hours reading everything that I can about exercise and nutrition, and believe me, you’d be surprised how little most people know. (Did you know that breakfast is not necessarily the most important meal of the day?)

Secondly, through my many clients and my own self-awareness, I figured out the psychological aspect. This is arguably more important and I’ll tell you about the details in a bit, but let’s fast forward for now. Only four years since the picture above, I looked like this:

Four years later, I competed in my first bodybuilding contest. I also never shaved my head again.

More about the Free Weight Loss Experiment

The group will last 3 weeks, an "onboarding week" where I learn more about you and set up your nutritional guidelines, then we'll hit the ground running for two weeks. 

In these two weeks, you’ll receive…

  • A customized program with exercise recommendations andhandmadediet guidelines
  • Weekly lessons filled with evidence-based readings about fitness
  • A live weekly Q&A, similar to the ones I’ve done with LifeHacker

So at this point, I’m sure you’re wondering “what the fuck is the catch?”

Here’s the best part – there is none. I’m doing this because I’m passionate about fitness and sick of the common notion that weight loss is impossible.

This notion isn’t your fault. The mainstream media is full of people like Dr. Oz who give useless fitness recommendations. When they don’t work, people conclude that “weight loss is difficult,” and logically so. This group is my attempt to make a dent in this notion.

I’m capping this group off at 500 signups so that I can give everyone as much attention as possible. Because of the large number of people in this group (my other training groups are usually 10-30 people), this will be more of a course format and I’m depending on YOU to put in the work, do the assignments/readings, and show me that you have what it takes.



What can I expect?
This is an extremely interactive class. You will be placed in a team with other Fitocrats, where you will need to perform weekly readings, report on your weight loss, and interact with your peers and coaches.
Are workouts really optional?
Yup, that’s right. We can certainly recommend bodyweight workouts as well as training programs you can complete in the gym if you want guidance.
Can my program be done at home?
Absolutely! This program is designed to give you the tools to reach your goal at your own pace.

Dick Talens

Fat Loss Whisperer

Co-founder of Fitocracy, former fat boy, amateur bodybuilder, and fitness coach.