Program Details

Who it's for

A beginner to advanced course for men and women that requires gym access


  • Build Muscle
  • Lose Fat
  • Strength Gain


  • Duration: 13 weeks
  • Starts: September 2nd, 2014
  • Ends: December 2nd, 2014


  • Willing to put in the time and work to get the results
  • Must be willing to be active and ask questions
  • Have access to a gym

What You Get

  • A customized workout program sent every week
  • A macro diet plan customized to your needs and lifestyle
  • A bi-weekly Google hangout
  • Tuesday and Thursday weekly progress checkins
  • The Cracking The Muscle Codes Shopping list and meal planning assistance guide
  • The Cracking The Muscle Code Supplement Guide
  • A New York Times Best Selling Author as your coach
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$99/ MO


The Real Science of Muscle Building

Six months ago “The Muscle Lab” opened with a simple goal: blend the best of nutrition and exercise science to create a program that packed on pounds of muscle for real people.

The projects was called Cracking the Muscle Code and it featured the expertise of two of the top nutritionists and muscle-building scientists in the world. Together, we built a program designed to work.

No gimmicky plans. No 4-week promises. No drugs or supplements required.

The formula was simple: Calculated nutrition + catered workouts + coaching = results.

The lab was opened for 100 people and sold out within 48 hours.

Three months later 89 people graduated the program bigger and stronger. Only eleven participants dropped out, as they were unable to keep up with the pace and expectations. Admittedly and unfortunately, three people suffered injuries and were unable to complete the training.

But that was just the beginning. Once the clients graduated, I began the process of fine-turning the program and learning from the biggest successes, but also those who didn’t gain as much as other members in the group. This meant analyzing the data for three months.

Net Change In Body Fat % - On average a net decrease of 2.35%
Net Change In Lean Body Mass - On average a net increase of 6.8 pounds

Along with my team, we ran statistical analyses of every variable available. This wasn’t hard science following the rigors of published research, but we used similar protocols and measurements. Within the Muscle Lab, certain variables were held consistent so we could learn what produced the best results, and in particular we focused on meal frequency and rep ranges.

But we also talked to the clients and used surveys. We wanted real life feedback about what worked, what didn’t, and what could have been better.

We combined science and real world feedback and spliced it together in an attempt to help create a program that would help people gain muscle in a progressive fashion.

The Truth About Building Muscle: Forget Crazy Claims

I don’t want anyone to be misled. This isn’t a supplement ad promising 10 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks. Maybe…maybe…if you’re a beginner this could happen. But the reality is building muscle takes time. But within our 12 weeks, we had participants gain as much as 15 pounds of lean mass. That’s not body weight. We’re talking actual increases in muscle mass, as determined by body fat percentage.

Despite the 10% dropout, the graduates left the program bigger, stronger, and leaner. Some made incredible progress (One client, Pat, a former football player featured above added more than 100 pounds to his squat, dropped into single digit body fat, and gained nearly 10 pounds of lean mass.)

Here’s a breakdown of the strength increases from Cracking the Muscle Code for bench press and squat.

Net Change In Bench Press - BP increased on average 45 pounds in 12 weeks for reps

Net Change In Squat - Squat went up average of 60 pounds in 12 weeks for reps.

Are You Ready To Succeed?

I won’t lie: the secret to this program is dedication.

I’ll provide the tools, coaching, programs, and guidance you need to succeed, but the commitment must be there for both in time and money.

If you do commit, the results are proven. Of the 89 who entered, we have a 97% approval rating from customers. In other words, only two people were disappointed with the process and results. That’s as close to a guarantee as you can receive with any program.

I look forward to those of you who choose to take on this challenge and crack their muscle code.

Let’s do this.




What makes Cracking The Muscle Code different from other strength training programs?
Most coaching and training programs on the market are based around unsubstantiated theories and dogma. Cracking The Muscle Code is the first program which puts all claims to the test to figure out what actually works when it comes to building muscle. By the end of the program we will crack that muscle code for you
Is this program only for people who have a long history of weight training?
Absolutely not. Adam has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from absolute beginners to grizzled training veterans. If you wish to join the Cracking The Muscle Code program, all I ask is total commitment to the program and the discipline to track your results.
I am 54 years old, am I too old to join your program?
Certainly not, there are a host of studies which show that a well structured weight training program will promote muscle muscle growth regardless of age... if you are new to training or have any existing injuries, the only thing we ask is you inform us prior to starting the program.
Is this program for both men and women?
Of course. I've worked with both genders extensively.

Adam Bornstein

No BS hype. Just results.

New York Times best selling author, award winning fitness editor, and named one of the most influential people in fitness. Bornstein is founder of Born Fitness, and consults with Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.