Program Details

Who it's for

A continuing course for graduates of Bodyweight Training: The Internal Strength.


  • Learn How to Handstand
  • Improved Muscular Coordination
  • Relative Strength Gains


  • Duration: Monthly Subscription
  • Starts: September 15th, 2014
  • Ends: Immediately upon cancellation.


  • Bodyweight
  • Suspension Straps
  • Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar
  • Parallelettes

What You Get

  • Monthly Exercise Program
  • 4-5 Days of Specific Bodyweight Training Exercises

$100/ MO


Everyone claims to understand how to move in a “functional” manner, or how to use “bodyweight” training to increase strength.

The idea of bodyweight training has been around for a long time - no-one can lay claim to or “patent” a specific exercise. However, training methodologies often get lost in translation, so this class aims to explore the fundamentals of improving your strength relative to your bodyweight.

Kung-Fu flicks and martial arts films usually have one goal - not just to show some fancy movements and make a quick buck, but rather that goal is to impart a life lesson.

While the lessons are wide ranging, one recurring theme that is available in many of these films involves understanding how internal inner strength can translate into external strength, which can be utilized and expressed as physical strength.

I'm here to guide you on a path towards improving strength at all levels.

For what it's worth, you'll get physically stronger for sure. Even more important, on a physical and mental level, you will be capable of anything that you put your mind to.

"How?" you ask eagerly...

There are a few essential items necessary to understand achieving awesome physical feats of strength.

Whether that feat of strength is your first chin-up, or your first time doing more than 3 push-ups on the ground, or even performing a human flag on the side of a squat rack, the few lessons that you will learn are applicable to not only calisthenics and bodyweight focused training, but also applicable towards a weight lifting mentality as well.

For example, check out how I can help you learn how to do handstand push-ups for repetitions:

About me

Hi, my name is Miguel.

I’ve written for, appeared in bonus articles for popular coaches and writers such as Eric Cressey and Tony Gentilcore, and I've also appeared on Fitocracy and Yahoo! Sports, among several other websites and publications.

I’ve competed in powerlifting competitions, practicing powerlifting methods for the past 3 years. I've practiced the art of breakdancing for the past 10 years, along with coaching your average Jane and Joe for the past 4 years. To top if off, I've worked in the private strength and conditioning industry as a strength coach for the past 3 years.

In fact, I’ve successfully utilized the principles among all these different disciplines to pull over 2.5x bodyweight.

And here is a little more about myself.

Growing up, I had very little confidence. I was physically awkward - braces from the 4th to 9th grade, glasses from the 2nd grade, and the best haircut to boot.

I played all the sports growing up - baseball, basketball, soccer, but I was too small to play football.

  • The last time I played baseball at any competitive level, I got hit in the mouth while fielding the ball - and I didn’t have a mouth guard in to protect me from my braces.
  • My basketball career was short-lived due to my short height - I haven’t grown in height since I was 15, and I didn’t enjoy getting stuffed by everyone who was taller than I was at the time.
  • And soccer was simply too much running for me - I didn’t feel like working that hard for a ball where I would kick it around for all of 2 seconds.

Long story short: I used to be small, uncoordinated, and relatively lazy. I didn’t feel like putting the work in. On top of this, I remember having sports coaches telling me what to do, and I wasn’t too fond of this "leadership-by-talking" instead of "leadership-by-doing" strategy.

So I did what anyone in this situation would do - I started breakdancing...

Barring this atypical response to a short-lived athletic career, I enjoyed these aspects of dancing...

  • I can define my success.
  • I define my ability on whether I worked hard or not, not dugout or bleacher politics.
  • I was in awe of the things I saw on TV (this was before YouTube), and I wanted to see if it was possible!

Since I was 12, I was always in awe of the physical feats of people that people accomplished, especially those who didn’t look like they packed a lot of punch. These people often proved to be very strong relative to their bodyweight. If you see a modern day football player, you can expect a certain level of physical strength to be shown.

However, if you looked at any kung fu or martial artist, this is the opposite - often they are smaller, not overly muscular, but can pack a punch or two to send you flying if provoked!

So with all of this in mind, this is a class aimed at doing just that, i.e. improving core strength and learning how to perform bodyweight and other lifting related exercises correctly and effectively.

What makes this group different than the others?

For some specific Q&A relating to the program, I'd suggest you check out the FAQ at the bottom of this page - they'll give you a little more insight into what the program involves (and what it doesn't). In a nutshell though, this is what sets Never Gymless apart:

  • Learn the progressive steps required to own a movement such as the beginning steps to a one-arm push-up, handstands, and more.
  • I incorporate my years of both personal athletic and coaching experience, along with providing tested techniques that will accelerate your learning curve with regards to movements and skills.
  • Many bodyweight programs only have 30 minute exercise programs - this will require a bit more dedication than your average exercise program.

Yes, you will learn how to move better.

You will get stronger.

You might even lose some fat.

But best of all, you will enhance your ability to move with confidence knowing that you now have a skill that no one can take away from you.

If you have any questions, you can use the buttons on this page to get in touch with me!



What kind of exercises will be involved?
Bodyweight training implies that you will be using zero equipment, but in reality if you are utilizing your body in a variety of ways, take a step back and realize that using equipment can be helpful towards achieving your goal.
So do I need equipment to do this class?
Not necessarily, but it will help. TRX Suspension Straps and Jungle Gym straps will be helpful towards achieving some of the goals and exercises I have in mind for you. Also, parallelettes will prove to be useful for various core-oriented and inverted exercises.
What happens if I miss a day of exercise?
No worries. A simple way to look at it is to view the calendar as a 30 day block of time. Within that 30 day block of time, if you are designating 4 to 5 days of working out, you can expect to see 16 to 20 days of exercising. If you miss a day due to family obligations or life happenings, just take it up the next day - as long as the 16 to 20 days are fulfilled.
What makes your class different than others?
This is a step above my previous beginner bodyweight training class, and a few notches down an expert level. Essentially, this is a stepping stone for learning how to incorporate handstands into your programming, along with manipulating your body through space. Physiologically, we will be discussing and going through the steps on how to improve our rate of force development through various movements and leverages.
What makes your background different than others?
I draw upon my 10+ years of breakdancing, 5+ years of coaching, and my overly dramatized example that I've slept next to more psychology and anatomy & physiology books in the last 5 years than I have another warm human body. Essentially, I'm committed to this goal of helping others. Are you committed towards achieving superhuman feats WITHOUT stepping foot into a gym?
Will you go over nutrition at all?
While remaining at a relatively light bodyweight is helpful towards improving your relative strength, nutrition and fat loss will not be the primary focus in this group.
Will I get shredded like those gymnasts or breakdancers I see online and in social media?
If you are interested in getting very ripped, I highly recommend incorporating the techniques that will be divulged in this class more than once a day. Frequency is often the missing factor when progressing from beginner to advanced. The more practice you have under your belt, the better your skills will be.

Miguel Aragoncillo

Master of Movement

There is no greater time than now to decide on who you want to be, where you want to go, and how you want to get there. Achieve more by acting with the intent for change.