Program Details

Who it's for

A beginner to advanced one on one training program for men and women that requires bodyweight (no gym)


  • To be happy in your own skin
  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Lifelong knowledge of how to train
  • Learn to work around a busy schedule
  • Increased productivity
  • Fat loss


  • Duration: Monthly Subscription
  • Starts: As soon as you signup
  • Ends: Immediately upon cancellation.


  • A willingness to learn and an open mind
  • 45-60 minutes, three times a week for workouts
  • A cheap resistance band (which can be found at most local stores).

What You Get

  • Bi Weekly 30 minute one on one video chats
  • Fully customized Nutritional Action Plan
  • Detailed video assessment of movements patterns
  • Fully customized 12 month Strength, Mobility and Metabolic Conditioning Plan
  • Access to a team of friendly and knowledgeable coaches to answer your questions via messaging, email or calls.
Hire Me

$97/ MO


Thanks for visiting my page! If you would like to request a free video consult please hit the blue Questions box and make a request!

About the Trainer

Coach Lamb has worked with over 600 clients and has experience second to none in building strong, healthy and injury free clients. He currently contributes to Fitocracy and his latest article can be found here.

After 25 years of training and 10 years as a professional strength coach he's figured out a tremendous amount on how to restore mobility, increase energy, awaken vitality and build strength.

He specializes in three things:

  • Making people stronger
  • Correct and prevent injuries
  • Teach the theories and concepts of training in an easy to understand manner.

Aches and pains that preventing from exercising? We can fix that.

By learning proper technique, and doing some quick easy drills to help your muscles and joints work and move better, this class will make that pain a thing of the past.

Crave food that you know is bad for you? We can fix that too!

Cravings are a result of an unhealthy digestive system. Adding a few simple foods into your nutrition can quickly make those cravings disappear.

Worried you're lacking willpower? You guessed it. We can fix that.

Willpower is a finite resource that, when exhausted leads to bad choices. By laying things out in a simple way, and telling you that perfection isn't what we are looking for, you'll be able to devote that willpower to making food, working out, and learning new lifelong habits.

About the Program

Hi ! I'm Coach Thom - Captain of the Rockstar crew. Perhaps the most important differentiator between the Rockstar program and other Fitocracy programs is that we are a Team of Coaches that provide a well structured, highly individualized, and thoroughly designed program to help you become the best version of yourself.

Here’s what the Rookie to Rockstar 1 on 1 program delivers to you.

  • Immediate ROCKSTAR status.
  • Access to Coach Thom and his team of Coaches for accountability and guidance.
  • You've got questions? We've got answers - and we’ll do our best to have them answered in 24 hours or less (Some intricate problems may require a little more time).
  • A sustainable program that grows with you, isn't too hard or complicated and delivers results! Completely customized to suit your health and recovery needs.
  • A SIMPLE, sustainable, common sense meal plan (Plus, you don't have to give up bacon!)
  • Suggested grocery list and weekly recipe ideas.
  • Weekly recipes to increase your nutritional IQ. Don’t worry they are simple, delicious, and will help you be healthier. We have a great Pinterest board with weekly updates, check it out here
  • Weekly articles to give you just-in-time knowledge to help you get smarter, while you get healthier and stronger and looking better than ever.
  • Group challenges to provide achievable goals that get you adopting new habits, like meditation, walking, scheduling your workouts, and learning things that will stay with you forever.
  • Access to group hangouts twice a week with the Rockstar crew, led by your's truly Coach Thom - who is pretty funny (if I do say so myself) and loves to help people learn and solve problems.
  • The Complete Rockstar Treatment - we will follow up every week on your workouts and nutrition and every other week, we track your progress via measurements suited to your goals and keep you motivated.
  • Unlimited support to keep you on track to reach your goals.
  • Access to hundreds of articles and counting from our Coaches (and a few from their favorite authors as well).

We don’t expect you to be perfect, no one is. There is no judgement here, only help, support and guidance.

You can't control how much fat you will lose, or how much energy you can have. Those are OUTCOMES.

You can how have complete control over the things you DO.


Our unique approach to movement ensures that you will be able to get a great, productive workout while improving and restoring your body to optimum function.

"I'm the girl in both those pics.. Trust me, I was not healthier in the first pic! I feel a million times better now than I did before joining. So much happier, more energy, and way stronger! Getting a fitness and lifestyle coach was the best decision I've ever made.. got me addicted to working out and my diet has changed drastically."

"Thom has literally changed my life. I've gone from 320lbs to ~270lbs and counting in just six months. He demonstrates innovative thinking in an industry that desperately needs it and he delivers amazing results by doing so. He's constantly learning new ways to fine tune performance and results out of his clients. More than another Personal Trainer, Thom is a game changer."

 Coach Thom - Director of Awesomeness for Team Rockstar.

Coach Thom

Coach Lamb has worked with over 600 clients and has experience second to none in building strong, healthy and injury free clients. He currently contributes to Fitocracy, EliteFTS, The Personal Training Development Centre, and Juggernaut Training to name just a few. His latest article can be found here. His website is full of helpful tips and trick to get you into shape!

After 25 years of training and 12 years as a professional strength coach he's figured out a tremendous amount on how to restore mobility, increase energy, awaken vitality and build strength. He has also helped hundreds of people to get stronger, eat better and finally lose weight. And keep it off.

600 clients, dozens of courses and two degrees, 100 plus articles. This is what I do.

Most importantly I make it fun!

Check out one of my hangouts with some of my groups.

Experts say that you become more like the people you surround yourself with. Well..  we are all people you can reach to for help to become the person you WANT to be. Sign up and start learning, eating and exercising to live a life of your choosing NOW! 



How many hours a week will I need to work out?
This is a fully customized approach so it will be tailored to your schedule. The average is 45-60 minutes per workout.
I'm in a different time zone will that be an issue ?
No, this is a very personalized program and you set your own pace. I am connected to you every day through the Fitocracy feed, email and hangouts.
I am going away for a week during this program. Can I still do this program and take my vacation?
Yes that is totally ok, and we can come up with special routines for when you are travelling and on the go.
I have a home gym. What sort of equipment will I need to do this program?
As long as you have gravity, we can design workouts for you, accommodating anything you have already own or have access to.
Can I ask questions via email ?
Yes, our response time is usually the same business day.
I travel a LOT for work, can your programs work on the road .
Yes absolutely. I have several clients that travel extensively for work.

Coach Thom Lamb

Real Strength Lasts Forever

I love helping people discover their strength. To spread the love of training and healthy nutrition is what excites me, and I've dedicated my life to becoming an example to others and a successful coach. National record holder in powerlifting.