Program Details

Who it's for

A beginner course for men and women that requires minimal home equipment


  • A focus not on weight loss - but on building strength and fitness to last a lifetime
  • Knowledge and a shift in mindset to ensure these changes last
  • A community of like minded positive people for support
  • An approach that works for busy people !


  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Starts: December 1st, 2014
  • Ends: February 28th, 2015


  • Initially a box for squats and a couple dumbells, or kettlebells
  • A band can be very handy which you can order online for $10
  • Suspension trainer is nice to have as well but not necessary

What You Get

  • Access to group Google hangout twice a month - recorded for you to view after
  • Customized nutrition weekly recipe updates
  • Coach Thom and his team of Coaches for accountability and guidance
  • Unlimited support from other team members, we have a real culture of awesome here !
  • A program that grows with you, isn't too hard or complicated and delivers results !
  • Weekly articles to improve your knowledge
  • Weekly Challenges to give you targets for your training
Join Now

$49/ MO


Aches and pains that preventing from exercising? We can fix that.

By learning proper technique, and doing some quick easy drills to help your muscles and joints work and move better, this class will make that pain a thing of the past.

Crave food that you know is bad for you? We can fix that too!

Cravings are a result of an unhealthy digestive system. Adding a few simple foods into your nutrition can quickly make those cravings disappear.

Worried you're lacking willpower? You guessed it. We can fix that.

Willpower is a finite resource that, when exhausted leads to bad choices. By laying things out in a simple way, and telling you that perfection isn't what we are looking for, you'll be able to devote that willpower to making food, working out, and learning new lifelong habits. 

About the Program

Hi ! I'm Coach Thom - Captain of the Rockstar crew. We have 5 coaches with a total of 60 years of professional coaching experience. That's right with this group you don't get just one Coach, you get a team of seasoned professionals, but enough about that for now. Let me introduce you to one of our great clients, so you can see how this program will help you. 

Meet Christina 

The above are all concerns that a  client of ours, Christina, struggled with every day.

She'd been trying to lose weight for years, and thought she knew what to do, but never seemed to be able to do it. She'd tried counting calories, tried Weight Watchers, tried joining gyms and doing cardio (because that burns fat...right?). 

She thought she'd tried everything. 

Then one day Christina said 'screw it' (Christina doesn't swear) and decided she was just going to find a way to get healthier. She decided she'd focus on getting strong, since she was tired of feeling weak, and not having the energy to play with her nephew and niece, or to DO social athletic things like ultimate frisbee and strenuous hiking. 

That's when she met me. 

Christina signed up for my group, and she was immediately shocked by a few things. 

  • I told her to eat more
  • I told her to lift weights
  • I told her to stop doing cardio (for weight loss)

The result?

Christina started to get stronger. She started to have more energy, and she looked forward to the cool new meals she was being taught how to make. 

She'd open the fridge and find that New Christina had cooked a bunch and she didn't have to pick up crap on the way home, because she had lots of healthy options now. 

But here's the kicker. 

Christina started to lose weight. A lot of weight.

After two and a half months, Christina was down over 30 pounds, stronger than ever and loving working out.

Here’s what the Rookie to Rockstar program delivers to you.

  • A Meal plan for those people that need a total re-haul of their diet
  • Weekly recipes to increase your nutritional IQ and don’t worry they are simple, delicious, and will help you be healthier.
  • Macro targets for those who are already tracking their nutrition. And Macro info on all recipes.
  • Grocery list to make things easier.
  • Weekly article to give you just in time knowledge to help you get smarter, while you get healthier and stronger and looking better than ever.
  • Weekly challenges to provide achievable goals that bit by bit get you adopting new habits, like meditation, walking, scheduling your workouts, and leaning things that will stay with you forever.
  • Workout programs that are simple, effective, doable (no crazy ass kicking routines here until you are ready) and grow with you.
  • Weekly hangouts with the Rockstar crew, led by your's truly Coach Thom - who is pretty funny(if I do say so myself) and loves to help people learn and solve problems.
  • Round the clock Direct Messaging access to Coach Thom and the Rockstar Crew of Coaches. You got questions we got answers.
  • Weekly monitoring of workouts and nutritional tracking to ensure you are staying on track.
  • Access to a huge community of like minded people that want to see you do well, but will cheer you on when you have a set back and get you back on track. Kiinda like Facebook but WAY more positive and helpful, and no annoying game invites !

We don’t expect you to be perfect, no one is. There is no judgement here, only help. 

Ok so back to Christina !

Like a snowball, Christina's motivation had grown, and the social feed of the group became a place for her to exchange ideas about cool new workout tunes, recipes, and get info from Thom and the team about how to find new challenges to keep her engaged with training and nutrition and, well...just a place to hang out with some like-minded friends. 

Christina and Diane - another Rockstar - working out together

I think that's pretty cool, don't you? 

I wanted to share that story with you, because it's a great example of what can happen when you start to focus on the things you can control. 

You can't control how much fat you will lose, or how much energy you can have. Those are OUTCOMES. 

You can how have complete control over the things you DO. 


Our unique approach to movement ensures that you will be able to get a great, productive workout while improving and restoring your body to optimum function.

"I'm the girl in both those pics.. Trust me, I was not healthier in the first pic! I feel a million times better now than I did before joining. So much happier, more energy, and way stronger! Getting a fitness and lifestyle coach was the best decision I've ever made.. got me addicted to working out and my diet has changed drastically."

"Thom has literally changed my life. I've gone from 320lbs to ~270lbs and counting in just six months. He demonstrates innovative thinking in an industry that desperately needs it and he delivers amazing results by doing so. He's constantly learning new ways to fine tune performance and results out of his clients. More than another Personal Trainer, Thom is a game changer."

As I said before, I'm Coach Thom, the head coach for the Fitocracy Rookie to Rockstar program. The R2R program is truly one of a kind, with a powerful team of coaches led by myself, that bring decades of experience, and a wide variety of experience. I'm extremely proud of these guys and gals, and I'd like you to meet them !


Coach Mitch

I’ve been involved in physical training in one form or another throughout the majority of my life. After playing varsity basketball in high school and college, I fell in love with weight training, and haven’t looked back.


Learning everything I could about training, nutrition and healthy lifestyle quickly became my passion, and coaching others along their journey was naturally the next step.

I began my career at a commercial gym where I had the opportunity to help improve the lives of many amazing people. I also continued to study and grow so I could better serve my clients. It was here that I also had the opportunity to work under Thom Lamb (the creator of the Rookie to Rockstar groups). This proved to be a huge learning opportunity for me, not just in the gym, but also in life.

Over the years I was given opportunities to work at different gyms, and with different people. I also developed an interest in firefighting. I loved it for the same reasons I loved training. It put me in a position to help and serve others, and it required me to be physically prepared for the job. It also forced me to learn and develop a new way of training that is very effective for emergency response preparedness.

Working as a firefighter in the oilfields, I maintained an online fitness consulting business during my free time. It was during this time that I got engaged to my longtime girlfriend, moved to Dallas, Tx, and got married.

Currently I am working as an EMT in Dallas, and Coach Thom has given this very exciting opportunity with Team Rookie to Rockstar on Fitocracy. This is something I am very excited about, and I am looking forward to helping you find your passion for health and fitness.

Coach Chanel


In 2009 I decided to change my life around. I was 30lbs overweight from excessive overeating and late nights drinking a 'bit' too much. I was sick of myself and felt terrible. Clothes just never seemed to fit right, I became depressed, angry at the sight of my body and health deteriorating.

It was then that I put my best foot forward for myself and my body.

I decided to join a roller derby league and was able to put some time in the gym. It helped in performing better on the track. It's easy enough to say I had fallen in love with strength training and have since transitioned to the sports of powerlifting and strongwoman, appropriately so.

My thirst for knowledge led me to study and graduate with honors at Bryan College in 2014 in advanced health and fitness. I am now a certified personal trainer with a reputation in results.

I absolutely love guiding my clients to becoming healthier and stronger versions of themselves.

Coach Robin


I love, love, LOVE fitness! I’ve been ‘following’ it for quite some time now. I have many years’ experience in group fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting & Personal Training of course. Currently I run a mobile & studio Personal Training business.

My joy comes from working with men/women who may still be stuck in the ’someday’ mode or who suffer from motivation lapses & continually fall short of their goals. I know. I’ve been there. Waay up there. 227lbs.

Your fitness & health is truly a lifestyle. It happens when you decide you won’t settle for mediocrity any longer. You are ready to be a ROCKSTAR. With your health & your LIFE!

So let’s connect & map out a plan that gets you to the other side of someday!

Coach Ben

Ben started lifting weights at the age of 17 for the same reason most of us did - to look and feel better. After success in the gym, newly-found confidence as a previously shy teenager and a new outlook on life, he wanted to share his love of training and nutrition - and the power it has to improve lives - with everyone.

He undertook a Kinesiology degree from the University of Waterloo Co-op program to learn how he could use his passion to help others. During his undergrad he was a strength coach for varsity athletes, founder of the strength and conditioning club for the student body and personal trainer for his everyday clients, so he experienced the full spectrum goals, clientele and the impact fitness could make on their lives.

Ben has been a strength coach for 6 years and he uses his education, experience and passion to make fitness easier for everyday people. He not only helps his clients lose fat, get stronger and stay healthy, but takes great pride in educating his clients so they understand the ‘why’ in what they are doing as he guides them down the path of enjoying fitness (and having awesome results) for the rest of their lives.

Ben loves lifting heavy things, a hot coffee on a cool spring morning, and food that’s blessed by the tender kiss of a flaming grill. He’s usually coaching, training or playing with his son, but can also be found reading or relaxing with a great movie.

Paige - Rockstar Coordinator and Rockstar in Training

I'm assisting and coordinating with Coach Thom, and Team Rockstar, and helping everyone find their inner Rockstar. 

I started out in the original Rookie to Rockstar group, drawn in by the simple sustainability of the program and stayed for the results. Thanks to Coach Thom, I went from being in pain daily and barely being able to perform body weight exercises to squatting and dead lifting 135lbs in under two and a half months, with absolutely minimal pain. I'm well on my way to getting stronger!

I can say with confidence that this program will get you on the right path with the help of Team Rockstar. Don't hesitate to reach out to us - I hope to see you around soon!

And finally Coach Thom - Director of Awesomeness for Team Rockstar.

Coach Thom and Coach Robin 

Coach Lamb has worked with over 600 clients and has experience second to none in building strong, healthy and injury free clients. He currently contributes to Fitocracy and his latest article can be found here.

After 25 years of training and 12 years as a professional strength coach he's figured out a tremendous amount on how to restore mobility, increase energy, awaken vitality and build strength. I've also helped hundreds of people just like Christina to get stronger, eat better and finally lose weight. And keep it off.

600 clients, dozens of courses and two degrees, 100 plus articles. This is what I do.

Most importantly I make it fun!

Check out one of my hangouts with some of my groups. 

Experts say that you become the five people you surround yourself with. Well.. I've just introduced you to Mitch, Chanel, Robin, myself, and Christina and they are all people you can reach to for help to become the person you WANT to be. Sign up and start learning, eating and exercising to live a life of your chosing NOW ! Thank you :) 



How many hours a week will I need to work out?
Most workouts are 30- 45 minutes, and you will want to train 3 times a week. If you find the time (with the help of our coaches to help you plan) you can train more.
What if I have some equipment I want to use?
We can definitely accommodate that
If I can't make the hangouts, can I watch them later ?
Yes all hangouts and shout outs from Thom are recorded for your viewing pleasure (at least I hope it's pleasurable)
What type of nutrition plan do you use?
This isn't a cookie cuter program, it's advice on how to focus on eating REAL FOOD to get healthier and stronger.

Coach Thom Lamb

Real Strength Lasts Forever

I love helping people discover their strength. To spread the love of training and healthy nutrition is what excites me, and I've dedicated my life to becoming an example to others and a successful coach. National record holder in powerlifting.