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Who it's for

An intermediate to advanced course for men and women that requires gym access


  • Gain Some Serious Strength
  • Improve Athletic Ability Ten-Fold
  • Build Tons of Practical and Functionally Useful Muscle
  • Be Seriously Strong


  • Duration: Monthly Subscription
  • Starts: As soon as you signup
  • Ends: Immediately upon cancellation.


  • Open-Mindedness for Change
  • The Mindset for Daily Improvement
  • Gym Equipment Preferred (Barbells, DBs, Machines)
  • Gym Access Preferred
  • Approximately 60-90 minutes of dedicated time for 3x a week

What You Get

  • Unconditional Physical Strength
  • Improved Confidence in Training Sequences
  • Post-Workout Stretching Routines
  • Weekly Training Programs
  • Variations for Exercises Depending on Individual
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$35/ MO


Whether your goals are to gain muscle or lose fat, the fact of the matter is that you will someway and somehow need to change your habits. All of the above can be achieved through practice.

The secret to attaining anything often begins with yourself. 

I've worked in some pretty cool places, and my most recent job involves working at Cressey Sports Performance. I'm lucky to be working with such high caliber athletes, many times our high school, college, and even our pro athletes may not be functioning to the highest capacity.

This is me cheesing for our bio pics. :D

This is where I can introduce several different movement interventions in order to create an awesome training program for them to excel at their sport.

These movements can be thought of as "practice."

Whether you are practicing strength training principles, or practicing restraint when it comes to food selection, or practicing discipline when it comes down to habit formation, there is a need for practicing a set of actions in order to obtain a goal.

Now, your practice can either:

  1. Get you closer to your goal
  2. Bring you back one (or more) steps away from your goal, or
  3. You can take a detour that you have to take in order to ultimately arrive at your goal (for fear of losing what progress you’ve taken already).

Barring the rationale thought process, sometimes you just need a coach to tell you what to do, and what steps to take in order to achieve your physical and strength oriented goals.

If you’re anything like me, you already love to move. I love watching martial art and kung fu flicks, I love to see people dance, and I love powerlifting.

Often times, people place arbitrary rules on individuals, saying something along the lines of “You can only do one or the other,” or “Don’t do both.” I call B.S.

This program will train your physical strength and push you to your limits. 

Now, no one said anything about getting hurt, because I do have intelligently planned goals for these strength goals and bodyweight movements. All of these movements require some type of due diligence when it comes down to it.

No one is saying you need to perform handstand push-ups by month 3.

If you do - great. If not - that is fine.

But just know that by the end of this program (a dedicated 4 months and then some if you continue to train past that), you will be able to confidently say your main lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) have improved, and your bodyweight movement mastery has also improved.

This program aims to…

  • Improve the “big 3” - Squat, Bench, Deadlift
  • Increase movement competency of the other “big 3” - pistol squat, handstand push-up, pull-up.
  • Hand deliver the Cressey Sports Performance experience with a twist
If you believe what I believe in, join me in this amazing journey of movement and let’s kick some butt!


As always,

Keep it funky.



I travel too much, is this for me?
This is probably not the best program for you. If you are dedicated enough to find a gym wherever you travel to follow a no B.S., no frills program, then I'm all about you signing up.
How does this work? I travel a lot and I just want to be healthy despite this.
Traveling is merely an obstacle to work around. There are tons of methods available for improving quality of life, this method of training is simply one of them.
So what is this program about really?
You get to perform all types of bodyweight movements that will require some serious focus and dedication, and then afterwards go on to the big lifts and aim to increase your functional and strength oriented goals.
I've done [XYZ] protocols by [XYZ] person, is this similar?
I guarantee you this is not like anything you've ever done before. This is a blend of everything I've ever accomplished as a breakdancer, powerlifter, and movement enthusiast. This is the best I have to offer, and I will make no bones about it, you will be performing some amazing movements by the end of the "soft" timeline of this program.
What happens at the end of the program deadline?
I hope you continue to consult and train with me. It is my utmost intention to develop a rapport with all of you amazing individuals out there who are opting to choose to train with me.
I have done your other Fitocracy programs in the past, what makes this different?
I felt too restricted before, and I'm going to be honest - bodyweight programs don't really work. They just stress your joints too much too quick, because they require 1000s of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or burpees. None of that will be had here. Big movements, concentrated efforts, and the intention to get better every lifting session. Jumping jacks won't get you to my standard of strength and aesthetics.
I just want to lose fat, is this program the right one for me?
I'd love to see people lose fat and gain strength. In fact, I see it everyday at the facility I work at Cressey Sports Performance in Massachusetts. If you have some items to worry about with respect to your relationship with food, I have several colleagues that I can refer you to while you train and exercise with me.
What other benefits do you offer by signing up?
I plan on going FULL OUT for this program. Weekly exercise reviews, if individuals want to record their big lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, etc), I am open to offering time to improve their technique if they can record it as such. With the advent of smart phones, I think this is certainly possible.
Will there be Weekly Google Hangouts?
Only if more than 5 people join up.

Miguel Aragoncillo

Master of Movement

There is no greater time than now to decide on who you want to be, where you want to go, and how you want to get there. Achieve more by acting with the intent for change.