Program Details

Who it's for

A beginner to intermediate course for men and women that requires minimal home equipment


  • Learn your Carbohydate Tipping Point
  • Learn how foods effect your hunger, energy and cravings
  • Learn how foods effect mood, sleep, digestion, etc
  • Fat loss / body recomposition
  • Inches lost from your waistline


  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Starts: May 11th, 2015
  • Ends: August 7th, 2015


  • Willingness to commit time to learning this education
  • Openness to communicate with other group members
  • Dumbbells if you wish to engage in the at-home workouts (not a requirement)

What You Get

  • Dietary guidelines based on individual metabolism
  • Education on structuring a fat loss lifestyle
  • Learn your metabolic burner type
  • Customized workouts (if you choose to follow along)
  • Weekly measurements and check-ins
  • 24/7 support
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$60/ MO


How nice would it be to put your bathing suit on this summer ... and feel confident in your body ...

... In just a few hours a week ... and a few, quick nutritional tips ... 

... this can be you

"I needed help to lose weight and restore fitness and wasn't managing on my own. Brian showed me the way. I lost 16 lbs in four months and have become considerably fitter, and it was this program which led me to that exciting and satisfying result."

Carbohydrates impact us all differently.

Go too high and you can halt fat loss, or spur fat gain.

Go too low and you risk losing muscle, having poor energy / sleep, high cravings.

What is that sweet spot in the middle?

And how do we find it?

The docs at Metabolic Effect call this finding your Carbohydrate Tipping Point (CTP).

Your CTP is the amount of sugars and starches you can eat to sustain energy but also still burn fat.

This number is individual. It is also adjustable. The idea isn't so much that you learn your exact number, but that you learn how to find it. So that if and when that number changes, you know how to find it again.

How To Find Your Carb Tipping Point

The ideal option would be to first determine your metabolic burner type. You could pickup a copy of The ME Diet book and determine yours. Or, sign up for this group :)

We'll figure out your burner type and then determine your nutritional starting point from there. Then we adjust and tweak as necessary.

Each client will become their own metabolic detective.

"I have a lot more energy and vitality. I feel more cheerful and content. My watch and bracelet feel looser. I'm sleeping better. I have far fewer cravings." - Jamie the first TWO WEEKS we overcame his 18 month plateau…

No Restrictions… No deprivation… No excessive amounts of exercise…

If you would rather go at this alone, you could start at 100 grams of carbohydrates daily. Use biofeedback tools to adjust from there.

How does your body feel?

Do you have sustained energy?

How is your hunger? Cravings?

Also consider other factors like sleep, mood and digestion. Increase or decrease the amount of carbs based on this. All signs positive? Achieving fat loss? Great - you found your CTP. Stay here. Don't change anything.

If you are not (1) achieving fat loss AND (2) getting positive biofeedback, something needs to change. This is not your CTP. What you are doing is not sustainable. This is where you begin troubleshooting.

** It's Important to note that carbohydrates do not act alone. Protein and fat intake matter as well. This will be covered **

Remember above we said it's not as important that you find your exact number as it is to learn how you found it. Once you have a system in place for finding your carbohydrate tipping point, it will never fail you even as your metabolism changes over time.

There Are Three Considerations For Determining CTP


We have clients use "bite counts" with great success. Thinking in terms of bites can help when you don't have food labels or scales to use. Each "bite" is considered 5g carbohydrates. Clients are taught their bite count based off their metabolic burner type.


More favorable types can be consumed in slightly higher quantities than the less favorable. So consider a few more bites of brown rice versus a few less of white rice. This has to do with how quickly blood sugar is raised, think GI Index.

Also we look at the fiber content in the carb. What's the ratio of fiber to sugar / starch? Have more fiber-dense foods. Great examples of these would be low sweet fruits like apples, pears and berries.

You may also consider the allergen effects of wheat foods, or nightshades.


Many online clients benefit from getting the majority of their carbohydrates from a single meal in the day. There are pros and cons for having an all-carb breakfast or dinner. This would be based off your lifestyle and again would take some troubleshooting to find what works best for you. Having carbohydrates throughout the course of the day may be too much for some, especially those of us that sit behind a computer all day and lead sedentary lifestyles.

Putting It All Together

Your goal is to figure out the right amount of carbs to eat daily to maintain energy for your workouts, reduce hunger / cravings but to also lose fat.

Yes, this takes more work than an off-the-shelf meal plan. It takes some trial and error. And consistency testing. But, once you have figured this out, you never have to diet again. You won't need meal plans. You will know how to keep your lifestyle sustainable. And in the event something happens and you need to figure it out again, you have a proven process that works.

If you want some guidance in finally figuring out how to lead a fat loss lifestyle, this group just for you.

Our new group - starting in two weeks - is a 12-week nutrition education course. Along with learning your CTP, you will also learn:

  • How to track macros / calories
  • How to read nutrition labels
  • The ME Food Label Rule
  • Buffer Foods and Trigger Foods
  • How to maximize your fat loss workouts (you should be doing some resistance training as well)
  • What the worst food combinations are
  • How alcohol effects your fat loss

...and so. much. more.

Before you read more about the program can do for you, hear what previous clients are saying about their recent coaching experiences:

"Yesterday I put on the bikini I used for the “before” pictures, and it was too big for me to swim in (or else I’d have had a wardrobe malfunction…)" - Celia

"I came to Brian shortly after working with another trainer who I felt did not address my needs and medical issues ... he helped me create a fitness and nutrition plan that was realistic and would yield the results I was looking for ... he also took into consideration that I am an extremely busy mom of two young kids and provided me with workouts that could be done in the comfort of my own home and fit into my crazy schedule. A workout that can be started AND finished in a single episode of House Hunters – sign me up!" - Kristie, mother of two (pictured above)

"I chose Brian as my coach on Fitocracy firstly because the way he described what the group was about made since to me. The 20 min workouts 3x a week was perfect for my schedule. I am a student so a lot of my free time is sucked up from studying and doing homework and ~20 min three days a week is perfect.

Secondly I chose him as my coach because he seemed to be close to my age. I have tried these online types of programs before with mixed success. The main struggle I had was connecting with the coaches and forming so sort of bond with them which allowed me to trust what they were saying. Because Brian looked to be around my aged (I'm 24) whether it was true or not I felt like he would be able to understand me a bit better. This ties in to another reason why I chose to sign up with him; Where looking through Brian's Fito class page and then checking out the links to his social media and blog that he has links to on the page, without sounding too cheesy I felt like he would be a good role model of sorts that I could look up to while I am on this journey of losing weight.

I really like how Brian never makes me feel stupid for messing up on a day (or two) or when I have a question. He always levels with me, and I really like the fact that he is willing to share his experiences with me as a client. Like the other day when I flubbed up my diet a bit and he told me he did the same thing and just to buckle down the next day and gave me advice on how to do it. It makes me feel more confident knowing that he makes mistakes too because as a client it makes me feel more comfortable admitting when I go wrong and not feeling guilty about it or lying that everything went perfectly on a day when it didn't."

"I’ve never had a diet that’s worked so well before." - Jessie

"Brian was great. He was extremely supportive and tried very hard to get the group to interact. The workouts were manageable as far as difficulty and time required to complete. He lets you move at your own pace and doesn't set or require unrealistic goals."



Do I have to do the workouts?
Nope! I'd certainly encourage you to do so, but you don't have to. You can lose fat by simply cleaning up your diet, but you should try the workouts as well!
I don't have a home gym or a lot of room to workout at my home.
No problem! As you'll find out, you don't need much room at all. As long as you have a set of DBs and a few feet of space all around you - you're all set!
I've never tracked my macros or counted calories - will this be a requirement?
Nope. When you sign up, you'll receive a dietary protocol designed for your individual metabolism. This will include types of foods to eat, how often, etc. As long as you're making progress each week, I won't require any food or calorie tracking. This will only be used as a troubleshooting tool if you are struggling.
I literally have zero workout experience. How will I know how to perform the exercises given?
I'll provide you with video demonstration of all the workouts. I'll explain the exercises and teach you proper form so even with zero experience, you can (and will) succeed.

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Brian here. I'm a Metabolic Effect certified trainer and nutrition consultant. Coupling 20 minute at home "Rest-Based Training" workouts with a dietary protocol to fit your individual metabolism, we will blast your unwanted belly fat away.