Program Details

Who it's for

A beginner one on one training program for women only that requires bodyweight (no gym)


  • Lose 3 inches off waist in 3 months
  • Ability to show the kids how the monkey bars are done
  • Have the energy for “me time” after kids go to bed


  • Duration: Monthly Subscription
  • Starts: As soon as you signup
  • Ends: Immediately upon cancellation.


  • At least 6 weeks postpartum and cleared to exercise
  • Half an hour of alone time 3 times a week
  • Being willing to do a diet makeover
  • Stories about your kids – you know you want to share :)

What You Get

  • Personalized nutrition plan with recipe ideas
  • A workout plan designed just for you
  • Support 7 days a week with timely replies
  • A happier, more confident you!
Hire Me

$55/ MO


Hi there! I'm Annie and I'm a mom. I go by the name of Momwise because since I became a mom, any time I've encountered a life decision, I have chosen the path that will make me a better parent - I always turn momwise. Also, I'm a Lord of the Rings fan and my son's name is Sam. Because I'm a nerd.

Before I was a mom, I was in pretty good shape and went on some great adventures. After becoming a mom? I was too tired and stressed out to do anything - I spent from January 2009 to April 2013 either growing a baby or making food for one. Me time? What's that?

It doesn't have to be that way.

You can feel like yourself again.

You can lose the weight that refuses to budge.

You can have the energy to enjoy your kids instead of being exhausted by them.

Okay, they're probably still going to exhaust you but it's kind of their job.

When I started eating smart and exercising with a plan, I lost those inches that persisted to hang around as my youngest got older. You don't have to eat special foods or avoid the things you love to lose weight. You don't have to spend hours on a treadmill in order to "earn" a muffin.

Concerned about going on a diet and working out while nursing and/or sleep deprived? I have you covered – as a medical librarian, I have access to the latest research and I apply it to my clients.

Working with me,

You'll get a nutrition plan designed just for you and your needs.

You'll get an exercise plan that fits into your schedule.

I'll go over exercises you can do with your kids in tow.

You’ll get questions answered – I don’t leave people hanging or in the dark.

And I want to hear about your kids. Learning to walk? That's awesome! Potty training? *sympathy wince* Have a cute picture? Of course I want to see!



Is it safe to go on a diet when breastfeeding?
Absolutely! We'll work together to make sure your supply stays strong while dieting.
My kids are a little older, can I still join?
Of course - all moms welcome!
I'm a vegetarian or vegan, is this diet for me?
I'm a vegetarian and I know lots of plant friendly options. Recipe swapping is encouraged among members.
Is there any running involved?
None whatsoever. The most cardio I will ask of you is walking.
What’s different in 2.0?
A more multi-faceted approach. Focusing not just on strength gains and fat loss, but specific strength goals as well.
How long is the program?
As long as you want – you can cancel at any time. I highly recommend a minimum of 3 months to really see results and establish a pattern for lifelong health.


From Bookish to Badass

I'm a mom, former nurse, and current medical librarian. My kids inspire me to be better - I workout to keep up with them and be a positive role model, especially for my daughter.