Program Details

Who it's for

An intermediate one on one training program for women only that requires gym access


  • Lose Bodyfat -- goodbye flabby arms and tummies
  • Gain Strength -- Yes, you'll carry all the groceries in ONE trip
  • Learn Long Term Sustainable Diet and Fitness Actions
  • Have fun while losing weight
  • Unlock the Badass You Have Inside


  • Duration: Monthly Subscription
  • Starts: June 1st, 2017
  • Ends: Immediately upon cancellation.


  • Gym Access
  • An Open Mind and Willingness to Learn
  • Barbells and Dumbbells and Machines
  • Willingness to Track and Count Calories or Use My Point System
  • Willingness to Communicate and Ask Any Questions You May Have
  • YOU and your Badass Warrior Princess Attitude

What You Get

  • Training Built to Fit into Your Schedule and Your Life
  • Nutrition guidance that helps your body burn fat and build lean muscle
  • Stay accountable with a Private Facebook Group & a Weekly Check-In Email from your Coach
  • Unlimited and direct access to the coach
  • To become the most Badass Warrior Princess You've Ever Imagine
  • Weekly Facebook Live Q&A's
Hire Me

$277/ MO


Private 1-on-1 online coaching for women who are ready to become the most Badass Warrior Princess version of themselves possible.

Ladies, are you ready to take your strength and fat burning power to the next level?

Are you ready to show the world the badass warrior princess you know you are inside?

Then, this program is for YOU.

Have you found yourself throwing up your hands and giving up weeks into a new diet or workout regiment?

You aren't seeing the weight come off the scale or the inches melt off like you thought.

Hell, even your workouts are feeling lame and boring.

YOU know you're a badass. But, for some reason—you don't believe it.

And the failures you've had in the gym make you feel even worse.



Entertainment—of all kinds—is beginning to showcase more and more of the badass Heroic abilities of women.

Heroes like:

  • Ms. Marvel
  • Wonder Woman
  • Rey from Star Wars
  • Katniss Everdeen
  • Buffy Summers
  • Even Thor and Iron Man are now women in the comics

Finally, it seems the rest of the world has caught on to what women, like YOU, have known for centuries.

You're a badass warrior princess.

Maybe you know that—deep inside—but you don't feel like it sometimes.

Your fitness goals seem to allude you. You struggle to get the toned, shapely, sexy arms that you desire.

Hell, you like feeling strong, but even that feels impossible at times.

Wanna know why you're failing? Why you haven't succeeded in your quest?

You aren't lifting heavy enough.

I know what you're gonna ask and no, it's not true.

Lifting heavy weight doesn't make you bulky. But lifting light weight makes you weak(er).

Don't believe me?

Check out these Badass Warrior Princesses who not only improved became Wonder Woman strong, but they shred away tons of unwanted body fat in the process.

“After having two kids, I thought I would never feel confident about myself and body again. I have gotten stronger and lost weight at the same time!

Every day I feel more confident than the last which has made life 100 times better!”

– Mauree Hedrick

One of the things I've found incredibly valuable about working with Robbie is that I've been able to learn to appreciate strength and genuine fitness over simply being thin.

I have some troubles when it comes to self-perception and the idea of thin. Having a routine to follow and build on has freed me from worry about doing too much or too little in the gym. -- Sarah C

Peter, my son, came downstairs to workout with me the other night and said: "way to make me feel puny. I'm using 8s and your using 10s.". I smiled at him and turned and said: "Peter, this is 40, not 10. Those are four 10 lbs plates, sweetheart."

His eyes got HUGE. I like genuinely impressing him, in a proud way." -- Beth B.

In the first few months of training with Robbie, I lost over 5 inches from my hips and nearly 6 from my waist. I've never been stronger in my life. I don't have to ask my husband to open jars any longer, either. - Ashley

Life happened, and it was hard to get back to working out. No matter how hard I tried. But the Badass Warrior Princess Program, and Robbie's support, helped me get back on that path.

And I'm glad I did this time. A week before the last program ended, my husband and I flipped our truck. We were very lucky and we’re fine, but I had to pull myself out of the truck. If that had happened before this program, I wouldn't have been strong enough to do it. - Vicky

The male-driven media wants to define what strength means for YOU.

Screw THAT.

YOU should be defining what strength means to you.

On this program not only will you level up your strength, but you'll also lose fat along the way.

Now here's the thing. I can't help you with the fashion portion.

Wait, a fashion portion?

Um, yea, because you're gonna need a whole new wardrobe fit for a Badass Warrior Princess when you're done with this program.

With the Badass Warrior Princess program you'll get:

  • Training to fit your personal goals as well as your busy lifestyle
  • Nutrition strategies to help you shed fat while still enjoying your favorite foods
  • 24/7 unlimited access to your Coach via email and the private Facebook group
  • Weekly check-in's to keep you accountable and on track
  • The keys to discovering and unlocking the confident Badass Warrior Princess you have hidden inside of you. Confidence that will give you the power to kick/punch/slash/stab/defeat even your greatest fears.

Here's the thing:

Buffy, Wonder Woman, Katniss, all the great kick ass women in history—at one point or another—doubted themselves.

What does that mean for you?

It goes to show you that even Heroes sometimes don't believe in their power. They too have doubts and beat themselves up over choices they make.

As Buffy once said:

The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live.

The power that all of these badass women held deep within is the same power that lies dormant in you.

A power that when utilized can break down any walls or barriers and give you the strength to slay even the most formidable foe.

If you just have faith in yourself, hush the voices of negativity within, hit each rep like Black Widow punching a bad guy, then you too can achieve your goal of becoming the most Badass Warrior Princess version of yourself.


Make the summer of 2017 the best, most badass summer of your life.

Are you ready to become a Badass Warrior Princess?

About the Coach

I'm the ginger kid who growing up loved Hulk Hogan, Captain America, Star Wars, Michael Jordan, and video games.

I grew up the "fat kid" whose mom shopped in the “husky” section of Kmart.

A few years ago I discovered a secret power deep within me. A power I unlocked in the gym.

As a certified personal trainer, I've helped many clients find and unlock the power they have within. I want to inspire you to realize that you have a hero deep within you and that all those things you imagined as a kid can become a reality.

I am a firm believer that life is like an RPG. You start out with no understanding of this power that you have and through experience and battles, you find the power, deep down. No boss is too big for you to face. No dungeon is insurmountable.

There is a great line from the original NES Zelda: “it’s dangerous to go alone."

I want to see you rescue the princess (an analogy for your goals if you will) from the hands of your nemesis. Let me be your sidekick helping you to level up on this lifelong quest.



Does this require access to a gym?
Yes. There are some bodyweight movements in this but unless you have a bench, a range of dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells at home, this isn't a program for you.
How much time do I need to spend in the gym?
Workouts last no more than 45-50 mins each day. Less than 4 hours a week is all you have to give to working on becoming a Fat Slayer.
I am a vegetarian, will your diet guidelines be able to factor in with my lifestyle?
Yes. If you have any restrictions with diet we will cover that in our initial assessment and we will work together to make sure your diet keeps you on point with training/recovery.
Will I become the next Wonder Woman?
If you work hard enough, yes.

Robbie Farlow

Quest Master

I was the socially awkward ginger kid who growing up loved Star Wars, Hulk Hogan, Captain America, and video games. I believe we all have heroes inside waiting to come out. It's dangerous to go alone, so lets conquer your fitness quest together.