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Who it's for

A beginner to intermediate course for men and women that requires gym access


  • Lose Bodyfat -- goodbye flabby arms, tummies, & Dad bods
  • Gain Strength — Yes, you'll carry all the groceries in ONE trip
  • Learn Long Term Sustainable Diet and Fitness Actions
  • Have fun while losing weight
  • Finish 2017 strong


  • Duration: 15 weeks
  • Starts: Now
  • Ends: December 31st, 2017


  • Gym Access
  • Knowledge of how to use dumbbells and barbells
  • Willingness to Track and Count Calories via MyFitnessPal
  • Willingness to Communicate and Ask Any Questions You May Have
  • Be ready to change your life

What You Get

  • Training Built to Fit into Your Schedule and Your Life
  • Nutrition guidance that helps your body burn fat and build lean muscle
  • Stay accountable with a Private Facebook Group & a Weekly Check-In Email from your Coach
  • Unlimited and direct access to the coach
  • Weekly video and Q&A sessions
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$57/ MO


I’ve been putting together a super secret project lately — it’s a new transformation program for men and women over 30. I tested this program on people earlier this summer, and HOLY CRAP, did I see some amazing results.


After getting married in April of 2017, I got lazy. My life become comfortable, and my body became flabby; I became a shell of what I’d been in the past. 

But working with Robbie and going through his Make Your 30s Better than Your 20s 30-Day Challenge was the kick in the ass I needed. I feel better, my confidence is back thanks to losing 11 pounds in a month, and I feel like I can now be the husband my wife deserves. 

I've spent the last few months testing this program out with men and women—especially men and women who goofed around and got fat in their 20s—make their 30s the best damned decade of their lives.

This program will help you turn your metabolism into a raging forest fire of metabolic destruction. And, when the smoke settles, you’ll see a new, leaner, head turning physique that you’ll be proud showing off to anyone and everyone.

This is ideal for you if you’re:

a) Tired of feeling zapped of energy by the end of the day, barely able to get through playing with your kids; or, God forbid, lacking the energy to perform in the bedroom.

b) Sick and tired of stuffing yourself into pants like you stuff those Girl Scout Cookies you don’t want your wife to know you ate deep into the trash.

c) Irritated that the man you know you are in your mind, is not the man/woman you see reflected in the mirror every day.

d) Tired of attempting whatever new fad diet or exercise regimen your wife or her friends are proselytizing, but instead, want workouts and a diet, that channel the very essence of what it means to be a man: meat, strength, and testosterone………..

………...well, aren’t you glad you kept reading, eh?

Truth is: you're not alone. I've been there. And so have 99% of the men/women I've worked with. These are people like you who placed their work, family, and loved ones first while leaving their health and happiness on the back burner.

Thousands of men/women wake up every day and barely recognize the person they see. But the serious and committed—the ones who want to manifest their best to the wider world—take action and make changes. Like the people below:



30 days into this program, and THIS is what I look like. I don’t hate what I see in the mirror anymore. And I don’t mind getting naked in front of my girlfriend anymore either.

Before I started working with Robbie, I had to go to my chiropractor three times a month. Now, my doctor said I only need to come once a month—that saves me over $800 a year. AND that all happened after 30 days.

So today, I’m going to challenge you.

I mean, that is if you’re up for it.

You can always continue making excuses and burying your problems deep inside, but someday, they’re going to come back and bite you in the ass. (They always do.)

But if you recognize that you need to change, are ready to set aside your excuses and take action, then I want to help.

I want you to wake up and feel EPIC each morning.

Full of energy and confidence as you wake up and dominate your work, relationships, and life. I want your kids to look up to you and see the strong, healthy, and happy mom or dad that you are. The man/woman who is their hero, and they want to be like.

I want your spouse to look at you like he/she did when you first met. To want you like they did back then.

Above all, I want you to be proud of how you look in your birthday suit.

Are you with me?


And even if you’re a beginner who has never lifted a weight in his life, or you know your way around a weight room, this program will work for you.

But the ball is in your court. I can’t do this for you. You’ve got to take the first step.

“But Robbie, what do I get out of this program?”

You mean besides a heavy dose of awesomeness that will surge through your veins and help you feel more badass than ever before?

Well, here’s all the fancy stuff you’ll get while working with me:

  • Your own personalized, step by step training program to follow that’s easily accessed via the handy smartphone you carry around. I'll be checking in on your progress daily to make sure we're always moving towards YOUR goals.
  • Constant accountability that you’ll receive from our weekly Q&A's. 24/7 access via email for any issues or questions. And you’ll get access to a private Facebook group filled with other kick ass men/women, all working to crush their goals like The Rock crushes box office records. (Do you smell what I’m cooking?)
  • A fat-burning nutrition strategy that eliminates body fat while you build lean and powerful muscle, designed to unlock the sexy as fuck physique you’ve dreamed of for years.

One thing though…….

I’m only looking to work with those who are ready to make changes. If you're going to half-ass this, don't sign up.

So if you’ve felt a bit of excitement building in your pants, and you’re ready to discover what it will be like when you’re walking around feeling (and looking) like your own version of Hugh Jackman or Black Widow, then I want to work with you.

But only apply if you’re the type of man/woman who wants to truly dominate your work, relationships, and life.

So now you’re left with a choice:

  • Stay the same and continue mucking up your 30s like you did your 20s
  • Or, get in on the action by signing up TODAY and discovering that the best body of your life CAN happen in your 30s

What will you choose? Are you ready to take action and join the “Make Your 30’s Better than Your 20’s” program?



Does this require access to a gym?
Yes. There are some bodyweight movements in this but unless you have a bench, a range of dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells at home, this isn't a program for you.
How much time do I need to spend in the gym?
No more than 45-60 minutes.
Can I do cardio?
Yes. But only because you love it, and not because you want to burn calories.
What's your favorite lightsaber color?

Robbie Farlow

Quest Master

I was the socially awkward ginger kid who growing up loved Star Wars, Hulk Hogan, Captain America, and video games. I believe we all have heroes inside waiting to come out. It's dangerous to go alone, so lets conquer your fitness quest together.