Program Details

Who it's for

A beginner to advanced one on one training program for women only that requires minimal home equipment


  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle
  • Increase energy
  • Break the diet cycle
  • Create new, sustainable habits
  • Establish a healthier relationship with food


  • Duration: Monthly Subscription
  • Starts: As soon as you signup
  • Ends: Immediately upon cancellation.


  • Training 3 times per week
  • Set of dumbbells or resistance bands
  • Willingness to follow a whole foods plan

What You Get

  • One-on-one weekly coaching calls
  • Daily practices, action steps, and lessons
  • Daily accountability
  • 24/7 Access of program content available all online
  • Customized workouts
Hire Me

$129/ MO


As a PN1 Nutrition Coach I can help you: - Lose weight - Have more energy - Take strategic, daily actions - Stay accountable to your goals -  Never diet again!

This is one-on-one women's only nutrition coaching to help you learn to eat for the body you want! I've been there. I gained 50lbs during each of my pregnancies and getting the weight off seemed impossible. Maybe it's been years and you're still carrying "baby weight", but it's just not budging. Maybe you haven't had kids, but your body just isn't responding to dieting the way it used to. 

I've seen it happen SO many times before... You decide to make a lifestyle change. You get your new workout clothes and training shoes. You go buy some overpriced food items (things you've never heard of or maybe don't even like) You decide this is the LAST pizza you'll be eating for the next month...

Then, you have an event (birthday, wedding, celebration, disaster) happen, and you revert to old habits. You open that carton of ice cream or bag of chips and start self soothing. This scenario plays out over the next few weeks or months. You see very little results because you keep yo-yoing between doing your best to stay on a "diet" and trying to cope with life... it's overwhelming!! 

Enter solution: Online nutrition coaching with no counting anything- and a proven plan to reach your goals- for about the cost of a couple personal training sessions. Know exactly what to do to create your best body and break the cycle of dieting- forever!

Save time and money and start getting the results you want!

About the Trainer

I gained, and have since lost, 50lbs with each of my kids (ages 3 and 5) and I know what it's like to be short on time and feel desperate to fit into your clothes again. I created these workouts to burn calories, work all the major muscle groups and get it done in about an hour. Plus, I utilize THE BEST nutrition coaching software in the business to deliver Real Results and a lifestyle you can be proud of! 

I am a certified personal trainer, ISSA and AFAA, Pn1 Nutrition Coach, and 200 hour certified yoga instructor with a Bachelor of Science in psychology. I specialize in training women and have helped MANY of my amazing girls (like tackling a 5k - a goal for the client in the before and after pictured below!) achieve their health and fitness goals.

I was an athlete growing up, playing soccer, softball, and tennis and always enjoyed learning about health and fitness. After spending six years in real estate sales, I decided to pursue a career in fitness and haven't looked back. I absolutely love being a personal trainer. I get to empower others to achieve a higher quality of life by educating them on nutrition and healthy living and I look forward to working with you! Coach Miwa

"Hard to believe it has been 12 weeks since I joined this group. I’m very pleased with the results (15 pounds; 2 inches off from my waist, 2 from my hips and 2 from thighs), but more than that, I’ve really enjoyed the process, including the bootcamp workouts, food suggestions and support. I’ve gained and lost weight a number of times since having children (19 years ago). This time feels different. I am looking forward to the follow-up group." Fitocracy member HealthyHeather

"Miwa is a fun, down to earth, passionate (and compassionate) trainer. She's there to accept you as you are, fat rolls, donut eating and all, but can kick your butt into great shape if you let her. She's educated about food choices, can provide you with a great workout, and can demonstrate to you a healthy person- mind, body and soul. Miwa's clients love her. Miwa is by far the most personable, sweet, and effective trainer I've ever imagined to come across."

"I've gained so much from the year I've worked out with Miwa! Her research-based workouts always keep you on your toes! She targets those places all of us women are concerned about and no two workouts are ever the same. When I started I was struggling to curl a 10 pound weight. Now I'm knocking on 20 pound's door! My endurance is higher and I actually look forward to my workouts! She's not just my trainer. Miwa is my coach, my nutritionist, the voice inside my head pushing me, and my friend!"

"Miwa’s positive attitude while admitting that everyone is human and is occasionally going to fall victim to pizza, make holding yourself accountable to your workouts and eating plan seem realistic. I was in the best shape of my life for my wedding and I’m staying fit and healthy during my pregnancy thanks to her." Fitocracy member beachgirlcoley

"I think this is the longest in a while that I've continued to work out, even if it's only 1-2 times per week sometimes. My food/eating is what I generally do well, so I'm proud of that. I passed my PT test recently with flying colors and it wasn't nearly as difficult as usual, and I know that's b/c I' been more consistent with working out. Now my goal is to continue it even after this class ends -- I'm thinking about a 5k in the fall maybe to keep me motivated. Thanks for all your help!" Fitocracy member M_A_Kiel

"Miwa’s online Bikini Boot Camp taught me so much! With Miwa’s tips and training, I can now confidently say that I can easily fit in workouts and nutrition! I got stronger and was able to lift and do more each week. Her nutritional tips were fantastic, I can honestly say after a week on the program I was waking up earlier and had more energy, simply by learning to eat a little better. She is also very hands on and 100 percent available to answer questions and concerns- I am so grateful to her!" Fitocracy member StephanieBurgin

"I found a source of professional and kind motivation that changed my life. I improved from 26% bodyfat to 22% in just two months. I started working out at 6am every morning (something that I would never ever do before!). Now I'm fit, strong, my abs and arms are in great shape. I have a butt again!! I'm just HAPPY! Coach Miwa is the loveliest, a real expert that created great routines every week that changed my body and mind. Great experience!!" Fitocracy member Anna_F

"Miwa helped me understand how to choose the best foods for my overall health. Her weekly workouts helped me workout consistently without excuses! The workouts are easy to follow and can be done at home with minimal equipment within 30-40 minutes each." Fitocracy member jessicamh88

"Miwa is such a positive and upbeat person! She is exactly the kind of coach I needed. I was incredibly successful during this sixteen week program in making daily changes in myself. Overall I lost about 15 pounds. My muscle tone has improved significantly, and I feel so much happier and stronger. I wasn't sure about this program when I first signed up having never done anything online or with a coach, but it was honestly life changing." Fitocracy member concretemama613

"The truth is that every person has it in them to do this! To take control of their lives and make changes. You can do it. Coach Miwa and Coach Coley help make that realization happen faster! They are so supportive and encouraging it makes it easy to step up, set your goals, and then CRUSH them! The Bikini Bootcamp group setting works great because you get to be a part of a community. Click the button and commit to making some changes that will set you on a path you'll never regret!" Fitocracy member yesIcancan

"I loved the Bikini Bootcamp program with Miwa Fiore. One of the best things about the program is how approachable it was. At the end of the program, I found I had built healthy habits, lost weight and was more toned than I've ever been before. The coaches in this program are great and will help you every step of the way to achieve your fitness goals!" Fitocracy member BlairKellerHals



How will I get the information for the program?
All of the modules and lessons will be delivered online, with access to everything 24/7.
When do we meet up for one-on-one chats?
We'll set up your call time based on what works for you. We can keep the same time each week, or according to your schedule as needed.
Will I have to count calories or macros?
NOPE. This is a whole foods eating plan that will provide you with all the guidance you need to create healthy eating habits, learn portion control, and get off the diet rollercoaster for life!
How long is this program?
This program is designed to be a year long coursework to get you the best body of your life, but whether you participate for one month or one year, you'll gain tools and knowledge at each step of the way!

Miwa Fiore

Women's Fitness Expert

Personal trainer and yoga instructor... On a mission to help women feel and look their best! Get the workouts and nutritional guidance you need to get and maintain lasting results!