Program Details - Starts January 29th

Who it's for

A beginner to intermediate course for women only that requires minimal home equipment


  • Lose Fat
  • Gain Muscle
  • Tighten and Tone
  • Create a Lasting Lifestyle Change
  • Feel More Comfortable in Your Skin
  • Learn How to Eat For Your Goals
  • Kick-Start Those Goals for a Healthier YOU!


  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Starts: January 29th
  • Ends: May 21st, 2018


  • Training 3x a Week
  • Dumbbells (1 Heavy and 1 Light Set)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Macros Counting or Whole Foods Plan

What You Get

  • 3 New Workouts Per Week
  • Nutritional Guide, Sample Meal Plan, Food Tracking Worksheet
  • Weekly Check-ins via Google Hangout
  • Ongoing Goal Planning and Accountability
  • Tips, Tricks, and Motivation!
  • Daily Access To Your Trainers
  • A no-judgement crew to support you every step of the way!
  • Small group capped at 10 Members!
Join Now

$49/ MO


HIIT workouts to tone, tighten, and burn major calories from the convenience of your home! Plus- nutritional guidance, recipes, and tips to JUMP START your fitness goals!

Get a JUMP on those New Years goals and ensure that 2018 is YOUR YEAR to get healthy and fit!

I know people can change because I've seen it. No matter where you are or what you've tried in the past, you can make 2016 YOUR year to get healthy and fit! This is not a magic pill. This is NOT a diet trend. These are tried and true workouts and nutritional recommendations that can change your body, give you more energy, and get you into that bikini (or skinny jeans) this year!

About the Program

My in-person Bikini Bootcamp was named one of the areas' "Hottest Fitness Trends" by Jacksonville Magazine and was a nominee on their "Fabulist", which is written for women, by women. If you're looking for a program designed to get you off the couch and into your skinny jeans, this is it!

Join the Bikini Bootcamp team and you'll get all of the following to help you tone and tighten all your trouble zones and create your healthy lifestyle!

  • Workouts
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Recipes
  • Daily Access To Your Trainers
  • Ongoing Goal Planning and Accountability
  • Weekly Check-ins via Google Hangout
  • Small Groups Limited to 10 Members
  • All important tips for becoming a healthier, fitter you!

Our girls love to work hard, but here in Jacksonville we call our workouts social hour because we love our crew!

Whether online or in-person, we are all about supporting each others' efforts towards a healthier lifestyle. We also get that sometimes life happens; no-one is perfect, and if you fall on the wagon we'll help you back up!

Our crew is here to help you get to your goals and actually enjoy the process - working out and eating right can and should be fun!

About the Trainer

I gained, and have since lost, 50lbs with each of my kids (ages 3 1/2 and 17 months) and I know what it's like to be short on time and feel desperate to fit into your clothes again. I created these workouts to burn calories, work all the major muscle groups and get it done in under 30 minutes. Real results with minimal equipment.

I am a certified personal trainer, ISSA and AFAA, 200 hour certified yoga instructor, and a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach with a Bachelor of Science in psychology. I specialize in training women and have helped MANY of my amazing girls (like tackling a 5k - a goal for the client in the before and after pictured below!) achieve their health and fitness goals.

I was an athlete growing up, playing soccer, softball, and tennis and always enjoyed learning about health and fitness. After spending six years in real estate sales, I decided to pursue a career in fitness and haven't looked back. I absolutely love being a personal trainer. I get to empower others to achieve a higher quality of life by educating them on nutrition and healthy living and I look forward to working with you! Coach Miwa

"Hard to believe it has been 12 weeks since I joined this group. I’m very pleased with the results (15 pounds; 2 inches off from my waist, 2 from my hips and 2 from thighs), but more than that, I’ve really enjoyed the process, including the bootcamp workouts, food suggestions and support. I’ve gained and lost weight a number of times since having children (19 years ago). This time feels different. I am looking forward to the follow-up group." Fitocracy member HealthyHeather

"Miwa is a fun, down to earth, passionate (and compassionate) trainer. She's there to accept you as you are, fat rolls, donut eating and all, but can kick your butt into great shape if you let her. She's educated about food choices, can provide you with a great workout, and can demonstrate to you a healthy person- mind, body and soul. Miwa's clients love her. Miwa is by far the most personable, sweet, and effective trainer I've ever imagined to come across."

"I've gained so much from the year I've worked out with Miwa! Her research-based workouts always keep you on your toes! She targets those places all of us women are concerned about and no two workouts are ever the same. When I started I was struggling to curl a 10 pound weight. Now I'm knocking on 20 pound's door! My endurance is higher and I actually look forward to my workouts! She's not just my trainer. Miwa is my coach, my nutritionist, the voice inside my head pushing me, and my friend!"

"Miwa’s positive attitude while admitting that everyone is human and is occasionally going to fall victim to pizza, make holding yourself accountable to your workouts and eating plan seem realistic. I was in the best shape of my life for my wedding and I’m staying fit and healthy during my pregnancy thanks to her." Fitocracy member beachgirlcoley

"I think this is the longest in a while that I've continued to work out, even if it's only 1-2 times per week sometimes. My food/eating is what I generally do well, so I'm proud of that. I passed my PT test recently with flying colors and it wasn't nearly as difficult as usual, and I know that's b/c I' been more consistent with working out. Now my goal is to continue it even after this class ends -- I'm thinking about a 5k in the fall maybe to keep me motivated. Thanks for all your help!" Fitocracy member M_A_Kiel

"Miwa’s online Bikini Boot Camp taught me so much! With Miwa’s tips and training, I can now confidently say that I can easily fit in workouts and nutrition! I got stronger and was able to lift and do more each week. Her nutritional tips were fantastic, I can honestly say after a week on the program I was waking up earlier and had more energy, simply by learning to eat a little better. She is also very hands on and 100 percent available to answer questions and concerns- I am so grateful to her!" Fitocracy member StephanieBurgin

"I found a source of professional and kind motivation that changed my life. I improved from 26% bodyfat to 22% in just two months. I started working out at 6am every morning (something that I would never ever do before!). Now I'm fit, strong, my abs and arms are in great shape. I have a butt again!! I'm just HAPPY! Coach Miwa is the loveliest, a real expert that created great routines every week that changed my body and mind. Great experience!!" Fitocracy member Anna_F

"Miwa helped me understand how to choose the best foods for my overall health. Her weekly workouts helped me workout consistently without excuses! The workouts are easy to follow and can be done at home with minimal equipment within 30-40 minutes each." Fitocracy member jessicamh88

"Miwa is such a positive and upbeat person! She is exactly the kind of coach I needed. I was incredibly successful during this sixteen week program in making daily changes in myself. Overall I lost about 15 pounds. My muscle tone has improved significantly, and I feel so much happier and stronger. I wasn't sure about this program when I first signed up having never done anything online or with a coach, but it was honestly life changing." Fitocracy member concretemama613

"The truth is that every person has it in them to do this! To take control of their lives and make changes. You can do it. Coach Miwa and Coach Coley help make that realization happen faster! They are so supportive and encouraging it makes it easy to step up, set your goals, and then CRUSH them! The Bikini Bootcamp group setting works great because you get to be a part of a community. Click the button and commit to making some changes that will set you on a path you'll never regret!" Fitocracy member yesIcancan

"I loved the Bikini Bootcamp program with Miwa Fiore. One of the best things about the program is how approachable it was. At the end of the program, I found I had built healthy habits, lost weight and was more toned than I've ever been before. The coaches in this program are great and will help you every step of the way to achieve your fitness goals!" Fitocracy member BlairKellerHals


Yes, I know I said SO a million times... yup, embarrassing. LOL =) 



When do I do the workouts?
You can do these whenever you want! You'll have 24/7 access to your week's workouts on your mobile device or computer.
What style of workout are these?
These are full body interval workouts that mix cardio moves with weight exercises. Check out my profile page for examples of what you can expect.
Do I HAVE to do cardio?
Nope! We've designed this program with your time in mind. If cardio doesn't fit in with your plan, just get your workouts in and stick with the food and you WILL get great results!
What is the nutrition portion of this program?
You'll have two options: counting macros (don't worry if you've never heard of a macro- we'll clue you in) and/or a whole foods eating plan.
What if I just want to get the workouts?
If you already have a food plan and you're just looking for great workouts, you are welcome to join us!

Miwa Fiore

Women's Fitness Expert

Personal trainer and yoga instructor... On a mission to help women feel and look their best! Get the workouts and nutritional guidance you need to get and maintain lasting results!