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“I had one Fitocracy user tell me that, in just three months of using the site, he had already dropped a waist size and added significant muscle mass. With a platform targeted at tech-savvy people, and for those of us who may live largely sedentary or laptop-centric lives, this is music to our ears.”

And since gym-going is often enhanced by a buddy or spotter, there's a social component to Fitocracy -- you're encouraged to follow others to see what they're doing. It helps users stay motivated, share tips and discover new exercises.

Fitocracy user Michael Perry says that what's most important to him is the community on the website, which resembles that of his favorite online game, "World of Warcraft." In any massively multiplayer online role-playing game, you work with other players to conquer enemies. Your team expects you to show up and do what needs to be done. He gets the same sense of accountability from the members on Fitocracy.